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nyc essay Crime and Gangster Films are developed around the war definition, sinister actions of salem proctor, criminals or gangsters, particularly bankrobbers, underworld figures, or ruthless hoodlums who operate outside the law, stealing and violently murdering their way through life. In the 1940s, a new type of crime thriller emerged, more dark and cynical - see the section on price film-noir for salem witch trials john further examples of crime films. Criminal and gangster films are often categorized as post-war film noir or detective-mystery films - because of price, underlying similarities between these cinematic forms. Crime films encompass or cross over many levels, and may include at of the is not a goal of jit least these different types of films: the gangster film, the detective (or who-dun-it) film, the crime comedy, the suspense-thriller, and price war definition the police (procedural) film. Crime stories in this genre often highlight the life of a crime figure or a crime's victim(s). Or they glorify the rise and walden disobedience fall of a particular criminal(s), gang, bank robber, murderer or lawbreakers in personal power struggles or conflict with law and order figures, an underling or competitive colleague, or a rival gang. Headline-grabbing situations, real-life gangsters, or crime reports have often been used in crime films. Gangster/crime films are usually set in large, crowded cities, to provide a view of the price, secret world of the criminal: dark nightclubs or streets with lurid neon signs, fast cars, piles of cash, sleazy bars, contraband, seedy living quarters or rooming houses. Exotic locales for crimes often add an element of adventure and wealth. Writers dreamed up appropriate gangland jargon for the tales, such as tommy guns or molls.

Film gangsters are usually materialistic, street-smart, immoral, meglo-maniacal, and self-destructive. Rivalry with other criminals in fern jean, gangster warfare is price, often a significant plot characteristic. Crime plots also include questions such as how the criminal will be apprehended by name police, private eyes, special agents or lawful authorities, or mysteries such as who stole the valued object. They rise to power with a tough cruel facade while showing an price war definition, ambitious desire for success and recognition, but underneath they can express sensitivity and gentleness. Gangster films are often morality tales: Horatio Alger or 'pursuit of the American Dream' success stories turned upside down in which criminals live in an inverted dream world of success and wealth. Often from witch trials john proctor poor immigrant families, gangster characters often fall prey to crime in the pursuit of wealth, status, and material possessions (clothes and cars), because all other normal avenues to the top are unavailable to price war definition them. Although they are doomed to failure and inevitable death (usually violent), criminals are sometimes portrayed as the of communication in developing, victims of circumstance, because the stories are told from their point of view. Early Crime-Gangster Films Until the Dawn of the Talkies: Criminal/gangster films are one of the war definition, most enduring and popular film genres.

They date back to fern the early days of film during the silent era. In fact, even Edwin S. Porter's silent short western The Great Train Robbery (1903) has often considered a classic hold-up story and chase film - a movie about price crime. Perhaps the walden disobedience, earliest 'crime' film was Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900) , a 45 seconds long short (released in 1903) that was shown one-person at a time in hand-cranked Mutoscope machines or nickelodeons in amusement arcades. It was also the earliest known film featuring Sherlock Holmes. The plot was about price war definition how the famed Arthur Conan Doyle detective, a cigar-smoking gentleman, was 'baffled' when a black-clothed thief magically disappeared (through trick-photography) with a sack of stolen goods. Also, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1905) , released by trials proctor Vitagraph (although now a lost film) has been considered the first Sherlock Holmes film since it was created for price a theatrical audience rather than as a one-person Mutoscope production. One of the first films to officially mark the start of the gangster/crime genre was D. W. Griffith's The Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912) about organized crime. It wasn't the first gangster movie ever made, but it was the first significant gangster film that has survived.

Outdoor scenes were shot in witch trials john proctor, the gangland territory of NYC's Lower East Side with its slum tenements, and war definition cast members included possible gang members. The story was about a poor, virtuous, and vulnerable Little Lady (Lillian Gish) who was threatened, victimized and explain the role terrorized by Snapper Kid (Elmer Booth) - the war definition, gangster leader of a gang known as the Musketeers. [Note: There were some one-reel 'gangster' films before Griffith's film, such as Biograph's The Moonshiners (1904) , Edwin S. Porter's and Wallace McCutcheon's primitive chase film A Desperate Encounter Between Burglars And Police (1905) , and McCutcheon's docu-melodrama kidnapping story The Black Hand (1906) , but their importance and/or availability have been problematic.] French director Louis Feuillade's Fantomas series from the Gaumont film studio popularized the crime serial - Fantomas (1913-1914, Fr.) featured the character of supercriminal Fantomas (René Navarre). Based on the novels of problem that has no name, Marcel Allain and war definition Pierre Souvestre, Fantomas was released as five separate films, running roughly an jean, hour each. Other characters included police inspector Juve (Edmund Breon) and newspaper journalist Fandor (Georges Melchior), who worked to bring down the arch-villain-thief (a master of disguises), who also committed identity theft and murder. Price. The five episodes were:

Fantômas - À L'Ombre de la Guillotine (1913, Fr.) (aka In the Shadow of the salem witch trials john proctor, Guillotine) Juve Against Fantomas (1913, Fr.) (aka Juve versus Fantomas) The Dead Man Who Killed (1913, Fr.) (aka The Murderous Corpse) Fantomas Against Fantomas (1914, Fr.) (aka Fantomas versus Fantomas) Le Faux Magistrat (1914, Fr.) (aka The False Magistrate) Feuillade's later Judex (1916, Fr.) , another popular film serial, featured a female criminal. Traffic in Souls (1913) (aka While New York Sleeps) , a six-reel melodrama, was a photo-drama expose of white slavery (entrapment of price war definition, young women into prostitution) at salem witch john the turn of the century in NYC, although the film exploitatively promised steamy sex in its advertisements. War Definition. Mutual released The Gangsters and the role in developing team working the Girl (1914) , a short starring Charles Ray as undercover Detective John Stone investigating neighborhood urban gangs and a wrongly-condemned slum girl. Raoul Walsh's first feature film, the silent crime drama The Regeneration (1915) has been regarded as the price, first feature-length gangster film, with presumably the first complex characterization of problem that name, a criminal anti-hero. It showcased violent lawlessness on the streets of New York (it was shot on location in price, NYC's Bowery District on the Lower East Side), and the rise of an orphaned Irish-American slum boy named Owen Conway (Rockliffe Fellowes as a 25 year-old adult). He grew up to become a drunken gangster (prone to gambling) due to repressive social conditions in his environment. Following A Goal Of Jit. However, he was 'regenerated' (saved from a life of crime) after falling in war definition, love with do-gooder social worker Marie Deering (Anna Q. Nilsson). The upcoming 1920s decade was a perfect era for the blossoming of the and 1984, crime genre.

It was the period of Prohibition, grimy and war definition overpopulated cities with the following is not a goal partnerships?, lawless spread of speakeasies, corruption, and moonshiners, and the flourishing rise of organized gangster crime. Josef von Sternberg's gangland melodrama Underworld (1927) with George Bancroft and Clive Brook, reflected the 1920s. It has often been considered the first modern gangster film, with many standard conventions of the crime film - and it was shot from the gangster's point of price war definition, view. It won the Best Original Story Award for Ben Hecht - the first Oscar ever awarded for an original screenplay, and the first of problem name, Hecht's two Oscar wins (among six writing nominations during his career). Price War Definition. [The first 'gangster' pulp had the same title, Underworld , a breeding ground for many crime thriller plots.] And Lewis Milestone's The Racket (1928) , a Howard Hughes-produced film, concentrated on big-city corruption and a municipality controlled by the mob, and was banned in Chicago because of its negative depiction of the police. Expressionistic German Crime Films:

Three German directors contributed a number of expressionistic black and white crime films, noted for metropolis chiaroscoro lighting, sharp-angled shots, and monstrous characters (i.e., insane scientists or doctors, or crazed individuals): Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919/1920, Germ.) (aka Das Kabinett Des Doktor Caligari) told about a ghost-like hypnotist-therapist in a fairground-carnival named Dr. Caligari (Werner Kraus). He used his power of price war definition, hypnotism to commit crimes, through his performing somnambulist Cesare (Conrad Veidt). The influential film featured the shadowy, disturbing, distorted, and dream-nightmarish quality of the macabre and stylistic 'Caligari,' with twisted alleyways, lopsided doors, cramped rooms, crooked and overhanging buildings, and and 1984 skewed cityscapes. F.W. Price. Murnau's silent classic Sunrise (1927) , was about a country village farmer (George O'Brien) who fell for the allure of the role of communication, a sophisticated, vampish seductress/temptress (Margaret Livingston) from the City. She tempted him under the moonlight in a swamp, persuading him to devise a murderous plan to kill his pure, innocent wife (Janet Gaynor) - by drowning her during a trip to price the City. German director Fritz Lang also released several important silent crime films - influential post-war films that helped to launch the entire genre in the 1930s, including a series of metropolis, Dr. War Definition. Mabuse films about a mastermind character:

Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler (Parts I and salem proctor II) (1922-1923) - a two-part silent crime melodrama about an evil, criminal boss capable of disguise, conspiracy, and tremendous hypnotic powers. The Testament of price, Dr. Mabuse (1933) (aka Das Testament das Dr. Mabuse) , a crime thriller and Lang's second sound feature, resurrected the ruthless genius (Rudolf Klein-Rogge) running a crime ring while imprisoned, and a tenacious Scotland Yard detective (Otto Wernicke) in pursuit. The film was noted for a spectacular car chase scene, explosions, and salem witch trials john murders. The government interpreted the film as subversive and having anti-Nazi sentiments - causing Lang to hurriedly leave Germany (he soon relocated in the US and price war definition ended up directing in salem john, Hollywood by 1936). [Note: Ironically, the legendary director's swan-song film (his first film made in Germany since 1933), The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960) , spotlighted the same arch-criminal character.] Lang's most seminal film was M (1931, Germ.) - his first sound feature (bridging the gap between silents and talkies).

It was an expressionistic psychological thriller about a child molester serial killer. Price. The pedophile-psychopath was identified as Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre) - his coat back was marked in chalk with the letter M. He was caught hiding in an attic, and jean toomer taken to a large abandoned brewery building to price stand trial, where he was questioned by a panel of underworld boss-leaders. The Gangster Film in the Era of the Talking Picture: It wasn't until the sound era and the 1930s that gangster films truly became an explain of communication in developing team working, entertaining, popular way to attract viewers to the theatres, who were interested in the lawlessness and price war definition violence on-screen. The events of the Prohibition Era (until 1933) such as bootlegging and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of and 1984, 1929, the existence of real-life gangsters (e.g., Al Capone, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson) and the rise of contemporary organized crime and escalation of urban violence helped to encourage this genre. War Definition. On the that has no name, other side were law-enforcing G-Men (or government men) led by price the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover. Many of the sensationalist plots of the the role effective team working, early gangster films were taken from the day's newspaper headlines, encouraging the public appetite for war definition crime films. The allied rackets of bootlegging, gambling and prostitution brought these mobsters to folk hero status, and audiences during that time vicariously participated in the gangster's rise to power and wealth - on the big screen. They vicariously experienced the gangster's satisfaction with flaunting the system and and 1984 feeling the price, thrill of violence. Movies flaunted the archetypal exploits of swaggering, cruel, wily, tough, and law-defying bootleggers and witch john urban gangsters.

The talkies era accounted for the rise of crime films, because these films couldn't come to life without sound (machine gun fire, screeching brakes, screams, chases through city streets and price war definition squealing car tires). The perfection of sound technology and mobile cameras also aided their spread. The Role In Developing Team. The first 100% all-talking picture and, of war definition, course, the first sound gangster film was The Lights of New York (1928) - it enhanced the urban crime dramas of the time with crackling dialogue and problem that exciting sound effects of war definition, squealing getaway car tires and gunshots. Rouben Mamoulian's City Streets (1931) from a story penned by toomer Dashiell Hammett was reportedly Al Capone's favorite film, starring Gary Cooper and Sylvia Sydney as two lovers trapped by gangland connections. Price War Definition. And Tay Garnett's violent Bad Company (1931) was the first picture to feature the gangland massacre on St. Valentine's Day. Three Classic Early Gangster Films from Warner Bros: Warner Bros. The Role Team. was considered the gangster studio par excellence , and war definition the star- triumvirate of Warners' gangster cycle, all actors who established and defined their careers as tough-guys in this genre, included Edward G. Robinson, James Cagney, and Humphrey Bogart. Others who were early gangster stars included Paul Muni and George Raft.

Three great classic gangster films (among the first of the talkies) marked the of communication effective team, genre's popular acceptance and price started the fern toomer, wave of gangster films in the 1930s in the sound era. The lead role in each film (a gangster/criminal or bootleg racketeer of the Prohibition Era) was glorified as he rose to the top with infamy and price power, but each one ultimately met his doom in following of jit, the final violent scenes of these films, due to censors' demands that they receive moral retribution for their crimes. The first two films in war definition, the cycle were released almost simultaneously by the role of communication in developing effective team Warner Bros, setting the pattern for numerous imitators (with tommy guns, fedoras, double-breasted suits, etc.): (1) Little Caesar (1930) , directed by Mervyn LeRoy, starred Edward G. Price. Robinson as a gritty, coarse and ruthless, petty Chicago killer named Caesar Enrico (or Rico) Bandello (a flimsy disguise for problem that has no a characterization of Al Capone), who experienced a rise to prominence and then a rapid downfall. Robinson was the price war definition, first great gangster star. (2) The Public Enemy (1931) , directed by William Wellman, starred James Cagney (in his first film and breakout role) as a cocky, fast-talking, nasty, and brutal criminal/bootlegger named Tom Powers - most memorable in a vicious scene at the breakfast table where the which of the is not a goal partnerships?, snarling gangster assaulted his floozy moll girlfriend (Mae Clarke) by pressing a half grapefruit into her face. [Both were still in price, their pajamas, indicating that they spent the night together.] The startling finale included the door-to-door delivery of metropolis, Cagney's mummy-wrapped corpse to his mother's house - the bandaged body fell through the front door. The main story was about two brothers, Tom (Cagney) and his straight, uptight brother Mike (Donald Cook) who grew up and pursued very different lifestyles.

The pre-Code film emphasized how the early developmental environment clearly contributed to an evolving life of war definition, adult crime - and his inevitable gruesome death. (3) Scarface: The Shame of the Nation (1932) , directed by Howard Hawks, a Howard Hughes' produced film from UA, starred Paul Muni as a power-mad, vicious, immature and beastly hood in walden civil disobedience, Prohibition-Era Chicago (the characterization of price, Tony Camonte was loosely based on the brutal, murderous racketeer Al Capone). Other stars were George Raft (as his coin-flipping emotion-less, right-hand killer) and Ann Dvorak (as Tony's incestuous sister Cesca). Both The Public Enemy (1931) and metropolis and 1984 Scarface (1932) tried to deflect criticisms that they were sensationalizing the lifestyle of the hoodlums, with unconvincing prefaces or disclaimers. In particular, Scarface (1932) began with a critical, written statement to indict gangster hoodlumism and the public's and price war definition government's indifference.

The audience was then blamed for civil promoting the role of the gangster with its perverse fascination in the phenomenon of mob activity - and then challenged: It is the ambition of the authors of 'The Public Enemy' to honestly depict an environment that exists today in a certain strata of American life, rather than glorify the hoodlum or the criminal. This picture is an indictment of gang rule in America and of the callous indifference of the government to price this constantly increasing menace to our safety and our liberty. Every incident in civil, this picture is the reproduction of an actual occurrence, and the purpose of this picture is to demand of the government: 'What are you going to do about it?' The government is your government. What are YOU going to do about it? The Influence of the Hays Production Code on Gangster Films: The coming of the Hays Production Code in the early 1930s spelled the end to glorifying the criminal, and approval of the ruthless methods and accompanying violence of the gangster lifestyle.

The censorship codes of the day in war definition, the 1930s, notably the Hays Office, forced studios (particularly after 1934) to that has no name make moral pronouncements, present criminals as psychopaths, end the depiction of the gangster as a folk or 'tragic hero,' de-glorify crime, and emphasize that crime didn't pay. It also demanded minimal details shown during brutal crimes. One way the studios quieted some of the price, protest and uproar over America's shame was to fern shift the emphasis from the criminal to the racket-busting federal agents, private detectives, or good guys on the other side of the law. In William Keighley's G-Men (1935) , the price war definition, best example of jean, this new 'gangster-as-cop' sub-genre, screen tough guy James Cagney starred as a ruthless, revenge-seeking, impulsive, violent FBI agent to infiltrate criminal gangs on a crime spree in the Midwest. Although he was on the side of the war definition, law working undercover, he was just as cynical, brutal, and fern toomer arrogant as he had been in his earliest gangster films.

A police detective (Edward G. Price War Definition. Robinson in an against-type role) went undercover and a goal joined a NYC racket in Bullets or Ballots (1936) , and in Anatole Litvak's The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) , Robinson portrayed a brainy crime specialist who joined Rocks Valentine's gang (led by price Humphrey Bogart) and soon was masterminding heists. Witch John. Robinson also starred as a college law professor - and special prosecutor who pursued justice in war definition, I Am the metropolis and 1984, Law (1938) . Anthony Mann's T-Men (1947) explored the similarities between Treasury Department agents and the counterfeiting criminals they pursued, and emphasized how villains were caught by semi-documentary style crime detection procedures (lineups, fingerprinting analysis, lab work, etc.). Another developing 'Cain-and-Abel' sub-genre emphasized that crime didn't pay, in films such as Manhattan Melodrama (1934) with childhood friends William Powell and Clark Gable choosing two diametrically opposed lifestyles - prosecuting attorney and gambler/racketeer, and Angels With Dirty Faces (1938) with two young slum kids, James Cagney and Pat O'Brien, following two different paths - a criminal lifestyle (that was idolized by the Dead End Kids on price New York's lower East Side) and the priesthood. In the electrifying finale, Cagney was taken on a long walk to his execution. William Wyler's gangster melodrama Dead End (1937) portrayed the efforts of New York slum dweller (Sylvia Sidney) to keep her gang member brother Tommy (Billy Halop, one of the and 1984, Dead End Kids) from emulating gangster Humphrey Bogart.

The adolescent gang actors (veterans of the Broadway version of Dead End ) were introduced in this film and later evolved into the East Side Kids and price war definition The Bowery Boys.

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Toronto Rotman 2015 MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines. The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business is one of the war definition, leading business schools in that Canada. Known for its design approach to MBA education and price war definition, strong emphasis on problem solving, Rotman’s program is growing in size and explain in developing effective working, renown. My tips are in blue below. 1. Please state your professional goals and how you plan to achieve them. (Please limit your answer to price, 25o words.) This is a pretty straightforward goals question, requiring a concise answer.

What do you want to do and where do you want to do it? The “where” refers to the role in developing team, industry, not necessarily geography, but geography could be a part of your goal. If it is, you should include it in war definition your response. Your essay should show Rotman that you have thought about your career path, Rotman’s role in that chosen path, and and 1984, how your career can realistically progress after you receive your Rotman MBA. 2. Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have received recently. Price! Please detail the circumstance and your plan to address it. (Please limit your answer to 25o words.) Tell a brief story here. What were you told?

What was the metropolis and 1984, context? How has it proven constructive? If you have room in price war definition your essay and you feel it fits with the rest of your response, include a situation similar to the one that prompted the which of jit, criticism and that you handled well as a result of the advice you received. Alternatively, you could even start with the situation that ended well, and price war definition, then provide the background, including the which of the is not a goal of jit partnerships?, story of the constructive feedback. 3. Reflection Question: List 3-5 attributes or characteristics that best describe you. Limit response to price war definition, 50 characters. (3-5 word maximum.) My suggestion here would be to avoid what my friend and colleague from Maxx Associates, Maxx Duffy, calls “umbrella words.” These are general terms for valued attributes, but they tend to be abused and trials, overused in the MBA application process. Price! There is nothing wrong with them other than the reality that they are sapped them of meaning and impact. And if you use these umbrella words, you will blend in with all the others who are also using them, just like one more black umbrella on metropolis and 1984 a rainy day.

An example: leadership. I guarantee that attribute (or any form of war definition “lead”) will be the most commonly mentioned term. I encourage you not to use a form of “lead” or “leader.” It is an walden, umbrella word. Instead, go into the key attributes you have that make you a great leader. Those are the qualities that go under the umbrella. They will be more distinctive and more memorable. The video interview component is a required part of Rotman Admissions process designed to give all candidates guaranteed “face time” with the war definition, Admissions Committee and showcase your personality, characteristics, passions, and values.

You will have an opportunity to test the explain in developing working, technology, and then will be asked two taped questions. Both questions are personality/values based and are designed to be answered without any advanced preparation and war definition, will only take a few minutes to complete. After completing your questions, you will receive a confirmation email and unique URL to input into this section of the application and complete the video component. Good luck and fern, have fun with the process! We’ve written blog posts on the video essay, and last year I had a fascinating interview with Niki da Silva, Rotman’s Admissions Director, who provided excellent advice on the Rotman video interview. War Definition! It is by far, our most popular podcast. Here are links to these resources. I want to get into Rotman 2-year full time MBA program during this application cycle.

Could you please evaluate my profile and tell me my real chance at getting into Rotman 2-year program this year? Thanks. I). Full-time Work Experience. Postgraduate: 0 year, 0 month. During College: 1 month, paid, full time, from July 2011 – August 2011. I was once selected, through a selection tryout, by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan to serve as an and 1984, administrative assistant in an one-month, experimental English training program. The program was hosted by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan and supported by war definition, ETS Taiwan.

My duties were to help prepare training materials and to conduct administrative miscellaneous tasks. 2nd attempt, on Dec 22, 2014. Total 750, 98% || Verbal 40, 91% || Quant 51, 97% || IR 7, 81% || AWA 4, 21% 1st attempt, on Nov 20, 2014. Total 670, 83% || Verbal 32, 66% || Quant 49, 79% || IR 8, 92% || AWA 4, 21%

Institute: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) – Top 6 in Taiwan, Top 25 in the Greater China Region, according to QS THE. – Top 1 among the salem witch proctor, 57 technical universities in Taiwan, according to QS THE. Degree: Bachelor of war definition Arts, received on the role in developing team June 2014. – Major: Applied foreign languages (English, linguistics, interpreting, translation) – Minor: Finance, an interdepartmental 24-credit program. Average Overall: 88.24/100 (Converted CGPA 3.79/4.00)

Average Final Year: 92.33/100 (Converted CGPA 3.92/4.00) – Grading descriptions: 60 = Pass, 60-69=C, 70-79=B, 80-89 =A, 90-100=A. Graduate Rank in the department: 4/28 (14%) On President’s List X 4 times. -awarded to students whose academic averages are among the top 10% highest in the department in the semester. VI). Price! Extracurricular Activities Leadership.

1. Founder President, NTUST Model United Nations Society. – established the club from scratch, the metropolis, first club of price this nature at explain in developing team working, my university. – chaired and organized a mini Model UN conference on campus every week. – led the club to attain a recognized status in 4 months. – captained a 6-people team to the Pan Aisa Model UN 2012 in price war definition Taipei. – captained a 3-people team to the Harvard World Model UN 2013 in Melbourne. – coordinated diverse members: among the 25 members, 11 were international students from countries such as Indonesia, Russia, PRC, India, etc. 2. Initiator Lead Organizer, 2014 Sunflower Student Movement NTUST. – formed a temporary student coalition at my school to echo the Sunflower Student Movement in Taiwan* – initiated and organized a 500-people seminar on explain the role of communication in developing related issues. – initiated and organized a 70-people discussion forum on extended issues.

– launched a campaign to raise people’s awareness on the issues. – launched a campaign to price, petition faculty members at following is not a goal partnerships?, my college not to take the rolls for two weeks when thousands of war definition students in Taiwan staged large-scaled sit-ins at the legislature buildings. *Sunflower Student Movement in Taiwan was a student movement provoked by the exposed secret treaty between Beijing and the pro-Beijing Ma government of Taiwan, a treaty that might sacrifice Taiwan’s de facto sovereignty,national security, and democracy only in and 1984 return for a closer relationship with Beijing. Mass demonstrations were ignited after Ma’s party declared the treaty bill passed even without a legislature vote on the bill. 3. Student Representative, Students’ Representative Council NTUST. (a) review and vote on the student government officer appointments. (b) review and vote on the student government budgets. (c) advise and vote on the activity proposals. (d) impeach student government officers. (e) introduce and vote on any change to the student governance charter. VI).

At college, I enrolled in an interdepartmental minor program in finance. Now, I want to deepen my knowledge on finance in a finance center and sharpen my real game strategy-making skills by interacting with experienced leaders. I think Rotman is an ideal place to satisfy these needs. If successfully admitted into and graduated from price war definition, Rotman, I would like to make best of the immigration work visa policy to stay at Toronto and compete for a decent job in that has no the Toronto finance industry. Also, I expect to pass CFA 2 or 3 after graduating from price war definition, Rotman, although I just have limited knowledge on effective working finance now. VII) Excuse for gap 6-months. I graduated from college in war definition late June 2014 (near July). After that, I didn’t attempt to find a job but instead decided to spend three or four months traveling around my country Taiwan, taking some rest, and fern, re-thinking about my plan for future.

Soon, it was around November. Then, I thought it was time to work on GMAT, so I spent around two months on GMAT. Then, it was Christmas. … … 6 months just passed. Thank you very much for your patience. Hello, Thank you for the information. I’m just curious, are the essay questions you provided above the actual questions for war definition, this year’s application? Will applicants be given the questions beforehand and fern jean, have a few days to prep for both the written and price, video essay? Thank you very very much. If any readers would like a profile evaluation for Rotman, please provide the following info:

1) Brief description of your full-time work experience. 2) Your GMAT or GRE. Percentiles preferred. 3) College info: The name of the college, your GPA or grade average, your major, year of graduation. Is Not A Goal! For any graduate degrees, please provide the same info. If you grades are low, please indicate if there were extenuating circumstances. 4) Significant college and post-college extra-curricular activities or community service, especially leadership experience. 5) Important certifications like CFA, CPA, FSA, or CA.

6) Your post-MBA goal. Or if you just have a question about MBA admissions, I’ll do my best to answer it. Thank you very much for price, assessing briefly my profile. I am a young applicant with 3 years of work experience. Your opinions are highly appreciated. 1) I have been working in fern toomer PricewaterhouseCoopers China since October 2012, in Assurance Practice.

Currently I am holding the Senior Associate title within the firm. 2) I took GRE in 2010 (old GRE), with Verbal 580 (158), 78th percentile, Quants 800 (160), 92th percentile. 3) I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University (top 10 university in China), with one-year exchange program in the University of Hong Kong. I majored in English in Sun Yat-sen University, and in war definition Business Administration in the University of Hong Kong. My overall GPA is metropolis and 1984, 3.7/4. I graduated in 2012. 4) 1.When in the Sun Yat-sen University, I was the team captain of the price war definition, Athletics Team for is not of jit partnerships?, 2 years. I got a sport scholarship from the University of price Hong Kong, and I was a team member of the Athletics Team there. 2. In PwC, I am an active Corporate Responsibility Champion of my company, and I have organized 2 Corporate Social Responsibility events. 3. And 1984! I am a volunteer financial consultant for NGO Friends, China.

5) CFA Level III Candidate, and CICPA final stage exam Candidate. 6) I want to war definition, work as consultant in has no a leading consulting firm in Corporate Finance Practice. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for assessing briefly my profile. I am a young applicant with 3 years of work experience. Your opinions are highly appreciated. 1) I have been working in PricewaterhouseCoopers China since October 2012, in Assurance Practice. Currently I am holding the Senior Associate title within the firm. 2) I took GRE in price war definition 2010 (old GRE), with Verbal 580 (158), 78th percentile,

Quants 800 (160), 92th percentile. 3) I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University (top 10 university in China), with one-year exchange program in the University of fern Hong Kong. War Definition! I majored in English in Sun Yat-sen University, and in which following is not a goal of jit partnerships? Business Administration in the University of Hong Kong. War Definition! My overall GPA is which of the following, 3.7/4. I graduated in 2012. 4) 1.When in the Sun Yat-sen University, I was the price war definition, team captain of the Athletics Team for salem witch trials, 2 years.

I got a sport scholarship from the University of Hong Kong, and I was a team member of the price, Athletics Team there. 2.In PwC, I am an active Corporate Responsibility Champion of my company, and I have organized 2 Corporate Social Responsibility events. 3.I am a volunteer financial consultant for of the is not a goal partnerships?, NGO Friends, China. 5) CFA Level III Candidate, and CICPA final stage exam Candidate. 6) I want to work as consultant in a leading consulting firm in Corporate Finance Practice.

You have a competitive profile for Rotman . Thanks a ton for Rotman profile pre-evaluation post, your views are greatly appreciated on price war definition the subject, kindly look into explain the role of communication effective working the following: 1) 13 years rich experience in price leading Oil Refining PSU Indian Oil. Corporation ltd (IOCL), working as Process Manager – handling from in developing effective team, process. plants for operations troubleshooting to performance reviews of price top. management and Ministry, Govt of India. 2) GMAT: 670 ( 82%), Verbal 31(61%), Quant.

49 (78%), AWA 4.5(44%), 3) National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India. B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) 1996-2000, Percentage 76, First class. 4) Coordinator: NIT Tiruchirappalli alumni association, Coordinator – flood relief committee, IOC Gujarat Refinery Township, Personal mentor and teacher of 3 underprivileged children, Interests: Distance running (10k and witch proctor, half marathons), reading, swimming, traveling and photography. 5) Short term: a Supply Chain Manager in leading Energy Company.

Mid Term: Managing all aspects of running a plant from business. Long term: Finding a consulting firm, advising solutions for war definition, operational. issues to walden, Energy firms in global competitive environment. An early reply is highly appreciated. Detailed resume may be provided if required for assessment. You have a lot of experience. A lot more experience than Rotman usually accepts. And ironically that is the price, biggest weakness in your profile. Please see . The other elements are competitive for metropolis and 1984, Rotman. Thanks a lot Linda for war definition, candid feedback, I’ld keep in fern mind the details as per war definition, link in which following a goal of jit your reply.

Is it possible I can further discuss my candidature or application services separately with you w.r.t. canadian bschools. Choose your desired degree and then the service that best meets your needs. Accepted 1171 S. Robertson Blvd. #140 Los Angeles CA 90035 +1 (310) 815-9553.

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age essay old When last I wrote my will, I didn’t have a dog, a point that had begun to price, nag at me. “When you’re dead, you’re dead,” I’d always told myself. “You’re childless, so what difference does it make who gets the money, if there’s any left, or the sentimental treasures?” By which I mean my mother’s “sterling” silver, which turned out to be plate, and my flea market discoveries. Has No. But my 10-year-old standard poodle was another story. Unmentioned in the existing document, Henry would be left alone after I died: unfed, unwalked, unloved. Would he die, too, only to war definition, be discovered by in developing effective working a neighbor when he started to stink up the joint? I owed him better. My elder care lawyer raised a skeptical eyebrow when I explained that the war definition inspiration to update everything was my dog. I might as well review all the paperwork, I told him: the power of attorney, the health care proxy, the of communication in developing effective team living will, a codicil here and there, the list of friends’ children who had always been my beneficiaries. Price. But a full year went by while I looked guiltily at the file folder on salem trials my desk marked “new will.” That took me by surprise, as I’m not a procrastinator. Price War Definition. Remember the hated kid in high school who always had her papers done way in explain of communication in developing effective, advance and price war definition, went to jean, the movies while everyone else was pulling an all-nighter? That was me.

But my lawyer, Gregg M. War Definition. Weiss, was used to people starting the process and witch trials john proctor, then disappearing. “That’s the No. 1 bane of my existence,” he said when I finally resurfaced, all papers ready to be signed. War Definition. “Whatever is on anyone’s to-do pile, this typically goes to the bottom. Metropolis And 1984. It’s avoidance, not facing the reality of death. The 80-year-olds we see are different. They don’t dillydally.” “And Then There Were None.’’ The title of Agatha Christie’s 1939 mystery, her masterpiece, spooled through my mind on a recent visit to the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, where my mother died 11 years ago.

Out on the patio, one man sat in the sunshine with his visiting children and price war definition, grandchildren. On his left forearm was the metropolis telltale tattoo of time spent in Auschwitz, marking him a survivor of the price war definition death camp where one million Jews lost their lives. The string of letters and salem john proctor, numbers, vivid more than 70 years later, is a ghastly sight no matter how many times you’ve seen one. But each year, at an accelerating pace, there are fewer survivors left to remind us of the last century’s atrocities. The number varies in different accounts, but Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. recently told the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging that 140,000 survivors remain in the United States. A decade ago at the Hebrew Home, there seemed to be hundreds. Now there are 40, among a total of 800 residents. They are cared for as the price war definition deaths they once barely escaped are bearing down again. Some have always lived in jean, a fog of fear. Others are grateful to be alive, to the point of exuberance, and still others are guilty to have survived for no reason other than luck.

None are like the other aged residents here, facing death in price war definition, its expected time. They have spent too long already staring into the abyss. Rabbi Simon Hirschhorn, himself the son and and 1984, grandson of Holocaust survivors, said that his multigenerational work with these families is the war definition most satisfying and important work he does. As a nursing home clergyman, he is always guiding parents and their adult children through what is metropolis arguably the most difficult transition of their lives. Price. Some of the salem john elderly survivors cry inconsolably but wordlessly, incapable or unwilling to articulate anything about the past.

Others, often dry-eyed, incessantly discuss the terrible things they saw and war definition, had to do to save their lives. “Mom, you’re only salem witch proctor, dizzy. What are you making such a big deal about?’’ That was me, the unsympathetic daughter, back when my mother took to her bed, complaining of price war definition, nausea and disorientation. She had many faults, but whining wasn’t one of them. Even after she was paralyzed, incontinent and losing her speech, these occasional episodes were the salem john only thing she ever complained about. So I should have known that she wasn’t just dizzy.

Or that she was dizzy in war definition, a way that was indeed a big deal. I also should have known that the karma wheel would catch up to a mean daughter, which it has. Now I have joined the ranks of people who, like my mother, have Meniere’s disease, named for Dr. Prosper Meniere, a French physician who described the condition in problem that has no, an 1861 journal article. War Definition. The condition affects the inner ear, which comprises an outer bony labyrinth and a membranous inner labyrinth. The latter is problem has no name filled with fluid that instructs receptors in the brain where your body is in space. People with this condition aren’t always sure. Some 190 per price 100,000 people have Meniere’s, most of them women. There is metropolis no cure and no reliable treatment.

The symptoms vary from person to war definition, person in frequency and severity, and the attacks come in clusters between periods of remission. My first attack of jean, vertigo #8212; and no, that’s not the same thing as being dizzy #8212; came on suddenly, a signature symptom of war definition, Meniere’s. Trials John Proctor. “Rotational” vertigo is the medically and colloquially accurate description: The room spins. The walls aren’t where the price walls are supposed to be. The floor is working only an idea, not a reality. One minute I was lying in price, bed, feeling perfectly normal, and the next minute, trying to metropolis, get to my feet, I was stumbling, grasping at furniture to war definition, hold myself upright. A lamp crashed to the floor. She lay so still as I approached her bed, I thought she was asleep. Or dead. Metropolis. Her eyes were open. “Mom?” I asked. Her gaze tilted toward me, but she said nothing. Price. It was 8:30 a.m.

Only weeks earlier, she would have been in is not a goal of jit, the kitchen by 8:30, asking me what was on the agenda for the day. Now, she wouldn’t move, her thin, knobby fingers resting on the coverlet. I didn’t know if my 93-year-old mother was depressed or if her dementia had suddenly worsened. She had been living in my upstate New York home for a year and a half, ever since I had convinced her she could no longer live alone. Normally she was lively and functional. She just couldn’t remember anything. I knelt by the bed, putting my hand over hers. “Are you O.K., Mom?” I asked. She looked at me again, her eyes pale blue and price war definition, watery, her white hair matted. “I don’t know,” she said. “Am I O.K.?” Her words chilled me.

A month before, we had suffered a trauma: the death of my eldest son, Spencer. And even though she never mentioned it, did not even seem to remember it, she had been declining ever since. Pushing her pillows together, I helped her sit upright and gave her water to sip. Ten days earlier, we had been to see Mom’s doctor. Together, we decided to problem that name, start Mom on a low dose of Zoloft, an antidepressant medication. Usually animated and cheerful, Mom had become increasingly quiet and vague ever since the war definition dreadful news of Spencer’s suicide. “Mom,” I asked her, “are you thinking about jean Spencer?” “Spencer?” she echoed. “Do you remember Spencer?” She looked away. “I don’t know.” Dementia is really weird. It’s not like memories get permanently erased; sometimes they are there, and sometimes they’re not.

Caregiving is price a delicate dance, with a gradual shift in who is leading and metropolis and 1984, who is following. Price War Definition. One partner is, often, a frail, widowed mother, upended by the loss of her husband and living in the family home, too big, costly and problem that has no name, difficult to maintain. A dear old friend fits that profile: Stooped and finally reconciled to price, a walker, she grieves a husband lost to which of the is not of jit, Alzheimer’s disease while ensconced in a dated four-bedroom house atop a canyon in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles. I’ve begged her to move more times than I can count, and surely more times than she wanted to hear. She has tolerated my entreaties with probably more forbearance than if she were my “real’’ mother, not a beloved surrogate. Her mind is clear, her will strong, and her way of war definition, making decisions #8212; slow and steady #8212; has always worked for her. So she’s held her ground. Along the of communication in developing effective way, she has taught me two lessons. #8212; Know when to war definition, butt out, because you’re not always right.

#8212; Move the furniture. Explain Of Communication Team. The latter is useful shorthand, like “shift your weight’’ when you get stuck in life. Price. But it’s literal advice, too. That Has No. Some will argue that rearranging the chairs is price a superficial response to a deep problem. Following Is Not A Goal Partnerships?. Lately I’m not so sure.

Up in the hills of Los Angeles, my elderly friend (I’m not going to name her, as I suspect her children might object) has succeeded in making changes to her home that have nothing to price war definition, do with handicap accessibility (long ago done) and everything to witch john proctor, do with emotional well-being. She Wasn#8217;t So Ungrateful After All. Last November, the week of my mother#8217;s 86th birthday, her essay ran in war definition, this blog under the headline, “A Very Ungrateful Old Lady.” She explained #8212; somewhat humorously, more than a little bitterly #8212; that because of her very limited vision and her weakening, aging body, she was increasingly dependent on her children, and that it made her feel like a burden to be cared for and tended, even when the care came with love. I am the oldest child, the doctor daughter. My part of caring for walden, her included a disproportionate amount of the medical stuff, from going with her on medical visits to sorting her daily medications into price war definition, pill boxes, doling out the blood pressure medicine and the vitamins that she hoped would preserve what was left of salem trials proctor, her vision. When I last looked, there were more than 500 comments on my mother#8217;s post. They started coming in as soon as the essay was published, and they have continued to price, appear, more sporadically, over fern jean toomer, the six months since it appeared #8212; six months that, unfortunately, also encompassed the death of the author. Price War Definition. My mother’s essay resonated with many readers, reminded them of their aging parents or of themselves. The piece also made a lot of readers kind of angry, and they wrote in to scold her, to tell her she needed psychotherapy or medication.

I’m not sure that everyone is ready for certain kinds of honesty from problem, people toward the end of life, trapped in bodies that are progressively betraying them after decades of service, facing the price future with the daily reminders that come from losing friends and problem name, contemporaries, perhaps picking up messages in the air on special frequencies not audible to the rest of us. The thing is, my mother loved those comments. I think it’s possible she enjoyed the most negative and hostile comments the most. How often is war definition a legally blind, 86-year-old writer told she deserves a spanking? Or reminded to be thankful because she could be legless in Calcutta? Twenty-five years ago, when the twin daughters of a childhood friend were 7 and I was 41, I told them that someday, when they were grown, I’d babysit for their children. “When I’m old enough to have a baby, you’ll be old as a bone,” one of the witch john girls said. Price. Now they’re 32, and I’m 66. Neither woman has children, so I’m not babysitting, sad to say. Still, it never occurred to walden civil, me then, or now, that 66 could be “old as a bone.’’

I don’t feel that way or look that way. (New Old Age commenters who may have seen my photo and war definition, disagree: I’m ready for you. Was it a mistake not to metropolis, “fix’’ my face while there was still time? Bring it on.) So how to explain the deference of total strangers lately to what they apparently perceive to be my doddering old age? The very title of this blog suggests the continual shifting of ground underneath all of us of a certain age. Whatever we thought old age meant yesterday, it means something different today. Sixty when the blog began, I’m now 66. That’s not a complaint but an indisputable fact, and with the price war definition years come my own idiosyncratic observations. Hard-wired for pessimism, one would think they would be gloomy.

Mostly they aren’t. I love Medicare, Social Security, a fixed-benefit pension, senior movie tickets and even the occasional person who offers me a seat on the bus. I love caring less about problem name what other people think of me and more about price what I think of myself. I’m hoping all that eventually balances the has no name hard reality that goals and dreams from my 20s and 30s that haven’t happened yet aren’t going to (Pulitzer Prizes, children and grandchildren, running a marathon). I particularly love (pleasure and pain not being mutually exclusive) how the rooms where I live, even my nightly dreams and the conversations in my head, are more and more populated by ghosts #8212; loved ones now dead but blessedly not “gone.” They are always welcome here, and why would I want it otherwise? “Gone#8221; is price too final. Metropolis And 1984. To me, it means six feet under, a memorial yahrzeit candle on the anniversary of a death, the prayer for the dead chanted in Hebrew during the period of mourning and on certain religious holidays. Price War Definition. “Gone#8221; doesn’t mean that life goes on in a better place. To chase my ghosts away, to silence their voices #8212; and explain the role effective working, I’m not sure I could #8212; would be in effect a second death. I don’t want them gone. The very day I turned 66, 177 of you wished me well on a decision to take the advice I’d been giving others: To leave a house I loved as one loves something animate, not merely a construction of clapboard and stone, before the inevitable crisis that would make it too hard to price war definition, live there and disobedience, also too hard to leave under my own steam.

My darling house belongs to price, somebody else now, and a bit more than a month has passed since I bought an of the following of jit partnerships? apartment that’s nice enough – better than I expected, really, given the price I could afford. With the new year here, the days at their shortest and price war definition, a couple of snowfalls behind me, the time seems ripe to revisit this move. Did I do the metropolis and 1984 right thing? You betcha. War Definition. At the right moment? Sure I did. There are pluses and minuses, upsides and downsides. But I’d still argue that anyone who waits much longer than I did to align her living circumstances to the inexorable march of time is kidding herself. “Anything is possible” and “you never know’’ apply to much of john, life. But I’ve yet to meet anyone, except on a movie screen (or in a state of denial), who doesn’t get older every day. Absent a guarantee I’d have died in my sleep while still able to walk up and down the war definition stairs, use a chain saw, shovel snow and drive a car – to name just a few of the realities of suburban homeownership – waiting even a few years longer would have been folly.

What has been taxing now, both physically and emotionally, would have become geometrically harder with each year and impossible, perhaps in an eye blink, with one stroke of metropolis, bad luck. Tracking a Thief, Once You Know There Is One. The first time my father was ever robbed, decades ago, he was vacationing in England with my mom. A certified public accountant, he had certain fiscal habits, one of which was to count and order his money, highest denomination bill to lowest, all facing the same way in his wallet. He did this constantly, usually at home after work. War Definition. In England, though, he performed the rite in the hotel pub. My mother was furious. For good reason. That night, while they slept, someone broke into their room and stole his wallet. The second time he was robbed, earlier this year, there was no break-in. The thief, according to the police, was a staff member at my father’s assisted living facility on the Jersey Shore, a regular presence in his room.

Financial elder abuse statistics are not easy to pin down. John Proctor. Estimates have run as high as five million incidents annually, but no one knows for sure. Experts consider financial elder abuse grossly underreported, in large part because the criminals are often also family members. It took some time to price, recognize that someone was actually stealing from my father. Salem Witch Trials. In fact, the price hardest part of nabbing this crook was ascertaining whether my dad was telling the truth. Updated, 9:33 a.m. | Sheila Solomon Klass died on civil March 26, 2014. She was 86. I am a legally blind octogenarian. Price War Definition. I have wonderful adult children who often help me, but I can never accept their help gracefully.

It is a terrible thing to be a burden. They say I am not, but I know better. Perhaps many of problem that has no name, you have parents like me. My own parents, working class Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, were ordinary people trying hard, but beset by the Depression and bad luck. And I was their burden: a second daughter when they needed a son. My parents were survivors and their fears were real, and war definition, I do not mean to belittle them.

But they left me with a lifelong fear and loathing of dependence. One day while playing kick-the-can on the street, a boy knocked the sharp edge of the the role in developing effective team open lid right into price, my knee. My weeping mother carried me to explain of communication in developing working, the doctor, who sewed it up for fifty cents, and for years afterwards my mother upbraided me for playing rough boys’ games and costing so much money. I was determined never again to be a burden. Now I am 86 and almost blind. Price War Definition. I cannot read the bills that come in the mail nor sign my own checks. I must be escorted to medical appointments. My busy children are kind beyond measure, but I am uncomfortable in these situations. And being uncomfortable makes me sharp and unpleasant. When my children run my errands, sort my medications, buy me delicacies, accompany me on medical trips #8212; even do my laundry! #8212; I am somehow reduced to salem proctor, that Brooklyn girl whose struggling parents just couldn’t cope #8212; and it was her fault. My children point out that this thinking makes no sense.

But that there’s no logic to war definition, this is irrelevant. We are the sum of which is not, our years and experiences, and I never could add properly. My daughter the doctor is constantly on call for me, and I am unable to accept it with any grace. She takes me every two months for a shot in my eye that controls my macular degeneration. The shot always scares me. Price. With the open enrollment period for disobedience, switching Medicare Part D drug plans upon us, the Kaiser Family Foundation has released two reports that both question the design of the plans and price, the inattention of 23 million of us who have them. Signing up for all the other parts of Medicare #8212; hospitalization, out-patient physician visits #8212; requires one effortless phone call. But Part D is a far more complicated hybrid, administered by private insurance companies on disobedience behalf of the price war definition government. In 2013, my first year of eligibility, I had 1,031 plans to choose from, offered in various iterations by Humana, Caremark, AARP, Aetna and the like. Each year Part D enrollees are asked to reconsider their plan’s monthly premium, its annual deductible, its authorized pharmacies and its formulary of drugs. Branded or generic?

In what dosages? How many tablets per month? Which drugs are in which price tier? Almost nine in 10 of us don#8217;t bother to switch, Kaiser has found. As one of the wide majority who chose inertia, this comes as no surprise. I had assumed that during this window of opportunity, I would revisit my Part D choices and salem, decide whether to switch. Picking a plan is more onerous than filing income taxes every year, but I am the sort of person who is price war definition diligent about such things. Metropolis. Except, it turns out, I’m not. I’m staying put.

I’d get in big trouble if I failed to file tax returns. But within months of doing the Part D dance, I knew I’d never do it again. Being lazy wasn’t a crime. If the prices went up, so be it; the war definition price of everything goes up. Metropolis And 1984. The Aetna CVS/Pharmacy drug plan includes all my medications, allows me to pay extra to price war definition, use my neighborhood pharmacy and, to the role of communication team working, my surprise, always has been accommodating when I need special permission to cover a drug not normally on price war definition the formulary. Aetna was likely to be my dance partner for explain team, life. “Mrs. Feld, you were confused!” Loudly, theatrically #8212; and for the umpteenth time #8212; my mother mimics the doctor’s accusation. I’ve already heard the story. My mother awoke at price 3 a.m. Civil Disobedience. asking for war definition, coffee, which no one would bring. “How hard could it be to bring her some decaf?” the nurses’ aide says to me, shaking her head. Disobedience. My mother apparently was awake for a quite while, fussing, repeatedly requesting coffee.

Then, on morning rounds, the phalanx of doctors trooped in and told her she’d been confused during the night. War Definition. “They come in early, waking patients up, towering over them with a million questions, and they wonder why patients are confused?” the aide says. My mother undoubtedly was confused. Admitted two days earlier with pneumonia and brain masses (which would turn out to following is not a goal partnerships?, be the result of metastatic lung cancer), it was only her second night in the hospital, and her first there alone. I’d flown up and slept in her hospital room that first night. But the following evening she had seemed stable, so I’d left to price war definition, shower and sleep at civil her house. “Oh Ma, what a terrible night!” I say. War Definition. “I’m so sorry I left you.” As my parents aged, I often thought that the proctor main reason I went to medical school was to help them negotiate the health care morass. To explain, translate and advise. Price. But most importantly, to protect. While I could not shield them from disease or eventual death, I could protect them from abuse, from overzealousness, from drowning in toomer, a sea of invasive procedures and brusque, pushy strangers. Having just failed miserably at that task, I seek out my mother’s nurse. I tell her I want to be called if ever my mom has a problem or feels confused. “My cellphone is always on,” I say, “and I don’t mind being woken up.” Together we make a sign that we post above my mother’s bed: Please call for any reason, any time . My phone number is in war definition, oversized numerals.

My mother lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., so packing for a summer 90th birthday visit was easy: Loose linen clothes, a sheet of baking parchment, and a three-ounce bar of Scharffen Berger bittersweet chocolate because my sister wasn’t sure she’d bought enough. I was going to bake my mom a birthday cake #8212; the chocolate cake her mother-in-law was known for, called “bachelor bait cake” on the little index card I inherited in a box of toomer, family memorabilia. I tormented myself, a little bit, over which cake in my repertoire was the price right one; I liked this one because it had history. Problem Name. My mother’s response, in price war definition, the particular dry tone with which she addresses any kind of witch trials john proctor, excess: “Why would you go to all that trouble?” Given that the question came after she considered my hair (“You’re going to do something with it, aren’t you?”) and my dress (“You’re wearing something else to dinner”), I had started to war definition, wonder, too. Still, I drove my little rental car over to my sister’s the day before mom’s birthday, while she was napping, to disobedience, make the chocolate and price war definition, espresso ganache that’s so much nicer than regular buttercream. And I was up early on the day itself so I could bake the cake before my mom was ready to go to the beauty salon. In Developing Working. Working in an unfamiliar kitchen is hard, even if it belongs to someone whose first notion of price war definition, “kitchen” was the same as mine. The oven mitts and measuring spoons and walden civil disobedience, measuring cups aren’t where I first look; the price war definition mitts take five tries before I find them. My aspirations spike, well, into the crazy range: This cake doesn’t just have to be tasty. It has to be good enough to retire the question of why I’d go to all this trouble.

It has to be better than store-bought. It has to compensate for the fact that as far as my mom is concerned, we can’t do anything at explain the role effective all, not really. Oh sure, everybody pitches in. Price War Definition. My sister, who lives 20 minutes from mom, does a ton of metropolis and 1984, stuff, from the weekly dinner to shopping and the organizing of the closet and calendar and doctors’ visits, along with a daily phone call. Since I live farther away, I go for price, phone calls and increasingly frequent visits. Getting While the Getting Is Good. The Role In Developing Team Working. “Don’t wait for a crisis,” I told a friend whose elderly parents were struggling to care for themselves and a big Connecticut home. “Don’t wait for a crisis,” I told another friend, his mother recently widowed, lonely and price war definition, overwhelmed, rattling around in a family house that was now her solo responsibility. “Don’t wait for a crisis,” I told a third friend, whose widowed father-in-law dropped his daily insulin regimen after his live-in girlfriend left him. “Don’t wait for a crisis,” I’ve told readers of “The New Old Age,” no doubt ad nauseam. That Name. As just about everyone who has cared for an aging parent knows, getting old is both an inexorable and maddeningly unpredictable forward march. Everything is war definition OK.

Then it’s not. Then it is again. What felt early on following is not a goal like a roller coaster becomes the new normal. Price. In between swerves and plummets, it is almost possible to doze off. Explain In Developing Team Working. And planning for price war definition, all possible eventualities is useless #8212; after the essential documents are in place, the family has talked openly and often about end-of-life wishes, they understand the of the is not partnerships? difference between Medicare and Medicaid, they know how much money is available and price war definition, that it is john proctor probably not going to price war definition, be enough. Caregivers and their elderly charges both know, in a spoken or unspoken way, that on the horizon is The Crisis. That’s the one that demarcates “before” and “after.” Your parents are at home, say, when they really shouldn’t be, and metropolis and 1984, don’t want to price, leave. The Crisis, when it appears, will be an awful milestone for them and probably so for you, the adult child. Then one day the roles shift and the crisis on the horizon could be yours.

Maybe your parents are dead or maybe not, but you’re now an old person. It happens even if you’re diligent about antioxidants and name, fish oil, exercise both body and mind, have a cheery attitude, good genes and a wide social network. If you’re not there yet, you’ll have to take my word for it. The blog is ending, but our coverage of price war definition, caregiving and aging is not. The New Old Age will run as a twice-monthly column by Paula Span on and frequently in Science Times. Readmore#8230; At many nursing homes and assisted living places, a resident#8217;s passing may be hardly noted.Readmore#8230; Circumstances had changed, and all these documents needed to change, too.

Readmore#8230; Lifestyle modification prevents Type 2 diabetes even more effectively in the elderly than in middle-aged patients.Readmore#8230; Julianne Moore gives a wonderful performance in walden, #8220;Still Alice,#8221; but the film skirts the price war definition truth about dementia.Readmore#8230; Thanks to the marvels of medical science, our parents are living longer than ever before. Most will spend years dependent on others for the most basic needs. That burden falls to has no name, their baby boomer children. The New Old Age blog explored this unprecedented intergenerational challenge. Paula Span will continue to write New Old Age columns twice monthly at and the conversation will continue on Twitter (@paula_span) and Facebook. A few medical institutions have opened their doors to patients’ own dogs and cats.

Scheduling and war definition, medication errors plague patients with Parkinson's. Dementia doesn't respect public stature. Is there life after caregiving, and if so what it is like? Useful information, tools, and links to of jit partnerships?, organizations around the Web. Comprehensive reference and war definition, special reports about diseases, conditions, tests, injuries and surgeries.

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Comprehensive Cafr Analysis - Ventura County. Instructor, All Holliman. California State University, San Bernardino. Carrie Harmon, Scott Perkins, Dana Cano, Veronica Pinkett-Veal, Lydia Khalil, Holly Benton. Executive Summary 2. Cover, Table of Contents and war definition, Formatting 3. Independent Auditor’s Report 5. Management’s Discussion and Analysis 6.

Basic Financial Statements 6. Government-wide Financial Statements 7. Fund Financial Statements 8. Government, Proprietary, and jean, Fiduciary Funds – Financial Statements 10. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies (SSAP) 14. Note Disclosure (other than SSAP and pension-related disclores) 19.

Required Supplementary Information (RSI) 19. Combining and Individual Fund Information and Other Supplementary Information 21. Statistical Section 22. Other Considerations 23. The purpose of price, this report is to which of the is not of jit partnerships? conduct a comprehensive analysis of the County of Ventura’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report otherwise known as the CAFR. Price. This analysis afforded the group members an opportunity to apply concepts and civil, theories acquired through a graduate level governmental accounting course and provided the group members with a more intimate view of local government finances.

The County of Ventura was selected for price, three primary reasons: 1) the county is civil located in Southern California and can easily be compared to the County of Riverside; 2) Ventura County is for the most part a suburban community and as such has been significantly impacted by the housing crisis; and price, 3) Ventura County is noted as a desirable place to disobedience live due to war definition overall quality of life and low crime rates. The formal analysis was conducted using the Government Finance Officers Association’s General Purpose Checklist which is witch proctor available online at This checklist is. Comprehensive Cafr Analysis - Ventura County. . War Definition. COUNTY OF VENTURA CAFR ANALYSIS PA615 – Public Financial Management Instructor, All Holliman California State University, San Bernardino Carrie Harmon, Scott Perkins, Dana Cano, Veronica Pinkett-Veal, Lydia Khalil, Holly Benton June 10, 2010 Contents Executive Summary 2 Cover, Table of Contents and Formatting 3 Introduction 3 Independent Auditor’s Report 5 Management’s Discussion and Analysis 6 Basic Financial Statements 6 Government-wide Financial Statements 7 Fund Financial Statements 8 Government, Proprietary, and walden civil, Fiduciary Funds – Financial Statements 10 Summary of Significant Accounting Policies (SSAP) 14 Note Disclosure (other than SSAP and price war definition, pension-related disclores) 19 Required Supplementary Information (RSI) 19 Combining and Individual Fund Information and Other Supplementary Information 21 Statistical Section 22 Other Considerations 23 Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the County of Ventura’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report otherwise known as the CAFR.

This analysis afforded the group members an opportunity to apply concepts and theories acquired through a graduate level governmental accounting course and provided the explain of communication in developing effective team group members with a more intimate view of price war definition, local government finances. The County of Ventura was selected for three primary reasons: 1) the county is located in Southern California and can easily be compared to the County of Riverside; 2) Ventura. Words: 11429 - Pages: 46. . Comprehensive reading for an active young adult , who is and 1984 a busy parent, full time employee, and extremely active can be time consuming. Price War Definition. For these catagories of people, my advice is to explain the role in developing effective set the price war definition goal, prioritize, plan accordingly and manage time effectively during the week. If the goal is to comprehensively read 100 pages in a weeks worth, my advice is to consider reading in between the working hours, parent hours, and the other activities hours.

This will allow for the reading material not to metropolis interfere with any other activities. Price. Prioritizing is putting the most important task at the top. For these categories of people, my advice is consider the the role of communication effective team full time job to be the top priority, since it is price what he/she gets paid to problem has no do. War Definition. Second, it will be parent time, third will be reading time, leaving the partnerships? other activity time for last. Also, keep in mind that at times the unexpected can take priority. Factors to war definition consider are taking a sick child to salem witch trials the doctor or perhaps he or she can become sick and requires medical attention. Planning can help these categories of people accomplish more and feel more in control of their life. My advice to start is by taking several minutes to write down what he or she hopes to accomplish in a week. Using a weekly planner, he or she can begin by blocking the times he or she plans to use for work, parenting, and reading since these can be planned in war definition, advance and are not as flexible as the salem witch trials proctor other activity hours. Time management is price using. Words: 543 - Pages: 3. . TO: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN FROM: SUBJECT: CITY OF DENVER CO, CAFR, ANALYSIS OF MDA DATE: The following memo highlights 4 interesting aspects of the explain the role in developing Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the City of Seattle Washington for Calendar Year January 1st – December 31st 2009.

The complete report can be found following this link: 1. On page #2 (and on the relevant statements on pages 10 and 11) of the Management’s Discussion and Analysis, it is noted that the fund financial statements are broken down by governmental funds, proprietary funds, and fiduciary funds. The governmental funds are broken down into general, special revenue, debt service, capital projects and permanent funds. It is interesting to note that the price war definition city of Seattle has identified 3 major governmental funds that are presented separately in the governmental funds balance sheet and civil disobedience, statement of revenues, expenditures, and other changes in fund balances. The major funds are the price General Fund, Transportation Fund, and Low-Income Housing Fund. The general fund should always be reported as a major fund. Other individual funds should be reported as major funds if, 1) total assets, liabilities, revenues, expenditures of has no name, that fund are at price war definition, least 10% of the corresponding total for the role of communication effective working, all funds of that category and 2) total assets, liabilities, revenues, expenditures of that fund are at least 5% of the corresponding total for all governmental and enterprise funds combined. Words: 669 - Pages: 3. . War Definition. [Type the company name] | CAFR PROJECT | Review of the City of Monmouth Oregon’s CAFR | | [Type the author name] | [Pick the date] | Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Governmental Accounting Assignment. | Review of the City of Monmouth Oregon’s CAFR This document consists of a brief overview of the City of Monmouth Oregon’s Comprehensive Financial Report (CAFR) for year ending June 30th, 2005. CAFR Table of salem witch john proctor, Contents At the war definition beginning of Monmouth’s CAFR, after the name title page, a table of contents is provided. It includes the following sections: * Introductory Section. This section contains 4 categories spanning over pages i-vi. * Financial Section. This section contains 5 subsections and 35 categories spanning over pages 1-62. * Statistical Section.

This section contains 14 categories spanning over pages 63-76. * Regulatory Section. This section contains 1 category spanning over pages 77-78 Mission Statement There is no mission statement defined in this CAFR. It does, however, include a Long-term Financial Planning statement in the Introductory Section. It addresses plans to increase the General Fund, Construction to meet future needs, and is looking for war definition, a new water source in order to construct an additional well. Explain Of Communication Team. Governmental Funds: * General Fund * Street Fund * MINET Fund – City provides sales across fiber optic network. Price. Revenues are primarily sales. Expenditures are related to cities cost of access. Words: 552 - Pages: 3. . Of Communication Effective Team. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Preparing a Comprehensive Case Analysis Avon vs. Competitors | | | | Carrie Rose Business Policy, Professor Frost 4/20/2012 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Preparing a Comprehensive Case Analysis Avon vs. Competitors | | | | Carrie Rose Business Policy, Professor Frost 4/20/2012 | History Avon is a global manufacturer and marketer of beauty, fashion, and home products.

The company operates worldwide using a direct selling model; Avon has approximately 6.5 million independent representatives that sell their products for war definition, them across the globe. They are divided into six geographic locations: Latin America, North America, Central, Eastern, and Western Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and China. The company has numerous distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and administrative offices in every one of these locations. Fern Jean Toomer. They initiated global expansion in the in the 1950’s, went public and was listed on the NYSE (New York Stock. Words: 658 - Pages: 3. . County Blaze It was a particularly peaceful night for war definition, me and my family in the hot Texas air. We had just finished with a full day, of the first part, of explain of communication in developing effective team working, our annual family reunion and were getting ourselves settled to just hang out with each other. We put on a movie, and sat down to enjoy it when a sudden roar shook the foundation of our country home. Minutes later the streets, as well as my home turned in to a black void in which all the lights were no longer on.

In a panic my family and I stumbled through the house trampling each other in the darkness. We scattered about until my mom found the door that revealed a vivid red glow. Soon after the same glow attracted the rest of my family and price war definition, I, so we followed, but what we found was not an appealing sight. The ruckus that shook the house turned out to be the electrical tower that powered the entire street or what was left of it. The tower exploded leaving the streets black. Metropolis. Unfortunately for me and the people, who live on price my street, there was a fire that had spread through the fields around where the tower lay, and metropolis and 1984, we lived miles away from any real, stable, fire department. This put us in a massive state of shock, so we quickly scurried along the out skirts of the war definition fire, trying to find some way of getting the fire to die out.

The search was a long one, but no luck came are way. The fire grew more and more, and every one began to panic as there seemed to be no hope of extinguishing the rippling blaze. Because it. Words: 693 - Pages: 3. . value of name, property, debt, city sales tax, electric fund, water and wastewater fund, airport statistics, hotel/motel tax, vehicle tax and employment. Chapter 3 1. The section of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report that the budget-to-actual comparison of the major funds are located in is the required supplementary information. A) The actual amounts are on a budgetary basis. The statements include a reconciliation of the differences between GAAP and budgetary amounts. B) The reported variances are based on both the original budget and price, the year-end amended budget, because they are the difference between the two. 2. The CAFR includes budget-to-actual comparisons of nonmajor funds.

They are located in the combining financial statements and supplemental information sections. 3. The government does encumber goods or services that have been ordered but have not yet been received, and are reported as reservation of fund balances. They, however, are not reported on the government-wide statement of net assets. 4. The encumbrances that remain outstanding at year-end do not lapse. There are separate sections for prior years encumbrances and outstanding prior years encumbrances. Chapter 4 1. The main sources of the following a goal of jit governments revenues, including those from both governmental and business type activities are electricity and water. 2. The urban growth management activities had the greatest amount of directly identifiable revenues. They had $43,440. Words: 2267 - Pages: 10.

. CAFR ANALYSIS PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY I have seen many changes growing up in Prince Georges County (PG), a minority-dominated county in Maryland. The government has spent a massive amount of war definition, money to problem revitalize the county. This includes the war definition $250.5 million transformation of Jack Kent Cooke Stadium (now FedEx Field) and the massive $2 billion National Harbor project in walden civil, Oxon Hill, MD[i]. There are rumors the county plans to price rename the crime-infested city of problem that, Landover, where I currently live, to Hyattsville, a neighboring city, predicting that this will ease the bad repetition of price, this area. However, these renovations and jean, changes are only temporary solutions since they are only masking the problems that put my home county deeper in debt. Crime and drug trafficking is price still on walden the rise. People are still losing their homes and debt is at an all-time high. Price. The permission of choosing my CAFR allowed digging deeper into this growing problem by discovering who regulates drug and crime programs, the debt position, and metropolis and 1984, other municipals relating to the well-being of my hometown. In this paper, I will address the crisis relating to a nonmajor governmental fund program designed to aid in the decline of crime and drugs and the recent trend relating to pension debt and the tax debt of the war definition general, agency and enterprise fund.

The drug and education program are vital in PG based on four fund comparisons on two statements. According to PG CAFR in fern toomer, the Combining Statement of. Words: 1840 - Pages: 8. . ?The inclusive dates for the fiscal year for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the City of San Francisco, CA are 2010-11. The independent auditor for San Francisco’s CAFR is Macia Gini O’Connell LLP (MGO) located at 505 14th Street in price, Oakland, California. The auditor states that their audit was in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those statements require the planning and performing of the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. The auditor did express unqualified opinions based on the audit and walden civil, the reports of other auditors, on the respective financial statements of the governmental activities, the business-type activities, the aggregate discretely presented component units, each major fund, and the aggregate remaining fund information. However, the financial statements of the San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Water Enterprise, Hetch Hetchy Water and Power, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, San Francisco Wastewater Enterprise, San Francisco Market Corporation, and the Health Service System were not audited. Price. ?The City of San Francisco’s organization chart contains several levels: the citizens elect a mayor and the city administrator is appointed. Also elected is the assessor/recorder, Board of salem proctor, Supervisors, City Attorney, District Attorney, Public Defender, Sherriff, Superior Court, and price war definition, the.

Words: 2064 - Pages: 9. . organization to get information on the program, share their stories and receive their contributions’, etc. Today the agency has 395 employees serving more than 4,000 people and a budget for each county exceeds 25 billion dollars a year. In focusing over the years of popular news where mental health has been addressed per say, the first story that comes to mind is salem trials john proctor when Rose Mary Kennedy oldest sister of J.F. Kennedy’s had her frontal lope portion of price, her brain removed because doctors believed it would cure her mental illness. Then there was the story of Brooke Shields actively speaking in which of the is not a goal of jit partnerships?, 2005 on her struggle with post partum depression after the birth of her first child.

But in most recent news we have heard of mental health suffers not taking their medications becoming delusional taking the innocent lives of many people. Like the war definition shootings in Colorado and of course we have heard of the endless lives taken by suicide from being buddied at school or via the internet. Furthermore, in dealing with mental illness here a study of how the simple environment in and 1984, Australia attributed to the raising cases of depression. The study concluded that after 30 years of continuous drought this was what followed, “Farming can be a stressful occupation, even without taking drought into consideration. 2,3 Suicide rates for male Australian farmers are higher than both the war definition national average and for comparable rural populations,4 and which a goal partnerships?, high levels of physical and psychological ill health have been. Words: 1304 - Pages: 6. . Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Name Grand Canyon University EDU-225 Date (all 12 font, same font, no bold) Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Introduction Remove this instruction – An Introduction is price a short paragraph that states what this plan will entail.

Give an overview/summary. This should not be shorter than 3 sentences-no longer than 7. Set your page layout to double spacing from the beginning. Of Communication In Developing Effective Working. You will need to copy this Introduction into war definition Task Stream as the Rationale; a Rationale and the Introduction are the walden disobedience SAME THING. Copy your Introduction into Task Stream as the Rationale using the price TEXT/IMAGE button as directed in the Task Stream Tutorials Section One: Mission and Vision Statement Remove this instruction – Your Vision and civil disobedience, Mission from our Main Forum discussion in Topic 07 will go here. Revise any changes that were asked of you. Price. Do NOT use citations or references in this Section.

These are YOUR ideas not someone else’s. Avoid first-person pronouns – I, me, my and mine. Section Two: Communications Plan Remove this instruction – This section will include your plan for communicating with parents, students and the global community. Name. This section should not include anything about integrating tools within the price classroom. The Role In Developing Effective Team. Think-how do I get information to the various groups of people who are interested in price war definition, my classroom? INTERNET SAFETY is a required topic in which following is not, this Section. What will you TEACH your students about safely communicating online. Words: 773 - Pages: 4. . organizations that they may be experiencing.

These types of problems in organizations can range from price employee turnover, employee theft, and employee attitude in salem witch trials john, the work environment. Researchers can get access to data by looking in war definition, major publications or journals produced by associations, and private entities, or by attending annual conferences. Walden. Industrial/Organizational psychologists can use different research methods that would include the basic methods, procedures, techniques, and war definition, tools used to and 1984 conduct important research. These basic techniques of scientific method are inductive and deductive reasoning, development of research questions, hypothesis creation, design and implementation of studies, and the nature and definition of constructs form the war definition basis the general areas of Industrial/Organizational psychology (Spector, 2012). Industrial/Organizational psychologists also use many different statistical techniques to analyze the in developing effective working data that important research produces. War Definition. When looking at Descriptive statistics which is a term given to the analysis of data which help describe, show or summarize data in a meaningful way such that patterns might emerge from the which of the data gathered. Though Descriptive statistics do not allow us to price make any conclusions beyond that data that was analyzed or reach any type of conclusion regarding the hypotheses that might have been made. We use descriptive statistics to disobedience explain what is happening with the data. With inferential statistics, they would be. Words: 2421 - Pages: 10.

. RON VENTURA AT MITCHELL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1. What is your assessment of Ron Ventura’s performance over the term of his two-year contract with the hospital? Should his contract be renewed? I think Ron Ventura is excellent at his work and has made contribution to the Cardiovascular Center and the entire hospital. Price. He is really professional and technically skilled in his field, which is toomer recognized by most of price war definition, his coworkers. He is responsible and works hard in the team.

He is problem that name willing to challenge himself and take toughest cases. War Definition. He has seen more patients than any other surgeons. He has the lowest rate of complication and problem that, unplanned returns to operating room in his cases. He generated a great amount of revenue and reputation for the Mitchell Memorial Hospital. The whole cardiovascular team is improved in caseload and performance since he attended. But he could be a bad influence in war definition, this department. He made most people in his team uncomfortable and feel pressure to work with him.

He could sometimes be very rude to following is not a goal of jit his coworkers and lose temper. Price War Definition. I don’t feel this is the characteristic what a good surgeon should have. Especially, in of the following a goal, Mitchell Memorial Hospital, all employees are guided to price war definition be patient and the role in developing effective team, friendly to patients and other employees. Price War Definition. He disobeyed the Joint Commission Standard L.D.03.01.01, which emphasis on teamwork and salem trials john, respect for other people. He also likes to put everything under control, which always cause conflicts with other surgeons. It made some residents leave. Words: 616 - Pages: 3. . Ch.1-1 The city of Sacramento, California published their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in December 2014 for war definition, the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014. Metropolis. The CAFR breaks down and explains the financial accounting for price war definition, the city during that time. Under both federal and state law, this report is in compliance with the accountability required so the voters can see how the money the city collects and problem that name, receives is price utilized. They cite the Article IX of the City’s Charter to prove accountability and establish a third party verification of the report.

Article IX allows under Section 44 for has no name, an independent auditor to review and price war definition, certify the CAFR is metropolis accurate. Under this review, they describe the charter-government functions of price war definition, Sacramento. Toomer. The Introduction Letter is broken down into distinct sections, each touching on various operational aspects of the city including estimated population, services the government provides to the populace, and overview of the city’s profile. This profile includes the location and general statistics of the city itself. One section of the introduction letter is how the financial funds the city uses are set and defined.

There are four separate, legal entities that make up the fiscal operations of the City. In discussing the current and future plans of the city, a positive note was reported that the city, using funds collected from price Measure U, a ? cent increase of sales and walden civil, use taxes, provided enough extra funding for the city to maintain.

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Free Security and Peak Oil Theory Essay Sample. Peak oil is a concept that connotes the price maximum amount of oil that can be produced from walden disobedience any given region or area considering that oil is a limited resource which can be exhausted. When talking about security in matters concerning peak oil, it basically means energy security. Energy security therefore means having enough oil to fulfil energy needs of price, a country, region, or the globe. Peak oil as well as the walden disobedience rate of dependence on oil in the world both affects energy security. Price War Definition! Currently, 40 per cent of the world’s energy needs are dependent on has no name oil. War Definition! This figure is even higher in the transportation sector where the world’s energy needs rises to fern jean toomer, 70 percent as far as the use of oil products such as diesel, petrol, and natural gas are concerned.

As the world’s oil needs remain high, various surveys show a decline in energy reserves. For instance, according to a 2010 geological survey done in Alaska, there is a drop of price, 90% in this national reserve of unexploited oil. Currently, there are 896 million barrels which is drop from the 10.6 billion barrels reported in 2002. This scenario paints a gloomy picture of U.S’s peak oil situation hence emphasizing for the needs for policy makers to come up with strategies of catering for energy needs in situations of peak oil and after peak oil. There is need to look at salem john proctor, ways of conservational use of oil energy and reduction the war definition world’s rate of dependence on civil disobedience oil energy. This is important so as to avoid a scenario where the world is caught unawares by declined oil reserves in the near future. Peak oil is a very precarious situation and although it is still not clear whether it will occur in the coming future, there is no doubt that it will pose serious security threats in case it occurs. War Definition! To further complicate matters, although the International Energy Agency (IEA) has been mandated with the role of control world energy, it has been accused of being apparently helpless to carry out this mandate. Problem That! In case of occurrence of price, peak oil, there is little confidence that this energy body can help cushion the world from the pangs of such a crisis or much better, prevent such a crisis from fern toomer occurring. Peak oil can affect energy security through various threats.

It can lead to a rise in oil prices as a result of limited supply and increasing demand. With various emerging economies such as China, India, and Brazil which are consuming increasing amounts of oil energy, oil prices could get out of control. China and the U.S for instance are the largest consumer of oil products and their increasing dependency on price oil products can a spell a disaster for developing economies in the event of peak oil as they consume the fern little oil reserves that are available. Another security threat that can occur in cases of peak oil is that as the prices of oil increases due to limited supply, increased insecurity is likely to war definition, occur especially in the oil producing countries. Criminal gangs, rebels groups, and terrorist groups, will be fighting to explain the role team working, get control of the oil fields and this can culminate into unending insecurity and war definition, political instability in these countries. This means that mining of the oil will be a dangerous affair which will further aggravate the limited supply that is already in place.

As oil becomes scarce, terrorist groups could use it as sabotage tool as well as a tool to push their own agendas. They could do this by targeting oil transportation infrastructures knowing that cutting supply can make people listen to their demands. Oil producing states can also turn into rogue states where they arm twist other economies by threatening to cut supply until their selfish demands are met. Those likely to suffer the most are developing economies that lack the political muscle to protect their own interests. The uneven distribution of oil due to limited demand could mean that developing economies would only barely get their hands on the commodity. To sum it all, peak oil can serious put at risk world peace.

It is therefore an issue that requires attention from the policy makers who should put strategies in place prevent it from metropolis and 1984 occurring. There should be more emphasis on making machines energy efficient, investing in renewable energy technologies, and looking for alternative sources of energy other than oil. International Economic Organizations. Economic organizations were formed in order to provide a globalized platform on understanding and promoting trade, social rights, and stabilization of polices. They were created with the idea of unprofitably helping countries worst affected in price the area of international trade, social rights, and poor policies. The goal was to jean toomer, enable marginalized countries to participate equally in globalization. Mandate of International Economic Organizations. International economic organizations are preoccupied with various roles and their influence has grown to be very strong in carrying out these roles. They are involved in price war definition maintaining international peace and security. The main organization mandated with this role is the problem has no name United Nations which not only deals with conflict resolution and peace maintenance but also promotes human rights, improved livelihoods, social development, and environmental conservation.

It is price, not however a guarantee that the UN carries out these mandates comprehensively and effectively. A good example is the 1994 Rwanda genocide where close to 800,000 people were killed with no intervention from the UN. International economic organizations are also tasked with the promotion of international trade. Of Communication In Developing! The World Trade organization is the main world body that carries out price war definition this mandate as it is involved in harmonizing trade between various countries to in order to promote equality and fairness among member states. Despite this, the WTO has been accused of unfairly promoting the interests of developed countries while back tracking on promoting the participation of explain in developing team working, third world countries in international trade. Another mandate of international economic organizations is to provide humanitarian aid to countries that are undergoing various calamities such as war, floods, drought, and earth quakes among others. They also provide funding for various projects in various countries through provision of loans. A good example is the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund which provide economic stimulus loans and funding for projects in various countries. International Economic Organizations and role played by American in their Formation. The US played a crucial role in determining the role, structure, and location of international economic organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Although these organizations are designed to be independent, the price war definition US has a big influence over them given that they had a third of the jean votes leading to their formation.

These institutions were somewhat created to enforce the US foreign policy although it can also be argued that they have some independence given their global appeal, influence, and legitimacy compared any other US state agencies. Although the US has some influence over these institutions, there are other key and powerful member states that helped design the price war definition rules these institutions abide by and as such, the US is metropolis and 1984, sometimes forced to price war definition, play along with the decisions of toomer, these institutions whether or not they serve their own interests. Liberal Approach to Development. Liberal approach to development is a concept that advocates for free trade and open markets as well as the growth of the private sector. War Definition! The concept realizes and emphasizes the potential of private sector in maximizing the economic and development of problem has no name, countries. It underscores the war definition need to privatize and contract government services to salem trials john proctor, the private sector without any interference from the government. It considers this as important in improving a country’s economy as well as building a more efficient government. Policy of Liberal Approach To Development. This policy is price war definition, carried through by transnational corporations and international financial institutions such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Bank, and the International Monetary fund. Governments whose economies are crisis can greatly benefit from metropolis and 1984 aid from these institutions.

With this kind of provision, governments can greatly cater from war definition deficits in the education, health or infrastructure sectors. The application of facial policy is geared to play a very effective role development of nations. It is advisable that governments should acquire deficits that can only be paid back comfortably and that cannot lead to longer term consequences on the economy. This is because, high deficits exerts a heavy burden on the economy leading to higher inflation and low production. They should only be used when it is absolutely necessary and as a last resort for walden civil disobedience stabilization of the economy. With tax reform, it is expected that higher efficiency and innovation will arise and as such, governments are advised to lower taxes on goods imported from other countries that they are not in trade agreements with.

Currently there is a major influence by western countries on the way developing countries perceive development and war definition, power. This should change with the name developing countries also being given an opportunity to define and identify their own goals leading to their own understanding of development. The rise in population has been cited as one of the major causes of depletion of the war definition environment and the natural resources as the metropolis and 1984 world consumption and production increases. However, there is an advantage in the fact that there is war definition, liberalization of jean toomer, trade, facilitation of war definition, foreign investment, and team, abolishment of controls in imports and exports. Such policies are important in integrating world markets and facilitating import led consumption and export led production. Liberal trade emphasizes on limited interference of the state in the market and maximum influence of market forces. Since the market is price war definition, a platform for social mobility as well as wealth distribution, there is need to develop mechanism which can regulate market forces and ensure that even those that are the most disadvantaged and deprived also benefit from the market. Transparency and accountability as well as equal participation should be promoted in the market for effective results.

Power should be bestowed on the people to champion for which of the is not of jit their own common interests. Development should be exercised democratically through social capital generated from civic networks that are based on reciprocity and that enable institutions to deliver more efficiently. To conclude, a liberal approach to development gives more credence to the people by being sensitive to their needs. It also gives countries a platform to form and maintain good trading relationships. War Definition! Since it is a new approach to development, there are many challenges to this development approach in the market and as such, determination and discipline are important for success. Religion and its Relation to Nationalism. Religion is basically a set of culturally accepted belief structures that are practised by various factions or groups of people in accordance with their spiritual faith or spiritual orientation. Nationalism on the other hand refers to a feeling of of the of jit partnerships?, belonging that people have toward a given country in which reside by virtue of choice or birth. A nation is geographically defined territory whose people are of the same origin in terms of ethno-cultural identity and political paradigm. A state is a recognizable political governance structure that is mandated with sovereignty to rule and protect its own citizens. The interconnection between religion and war definition, nationalism is not a new concept and fern toomer, has led to the development of the concept of religious nationalism.

It is war definition, a concept which shows the relationship between a people’s way of belief manifested in their religion and problem that, their nationalism. Religious nationalism is best demonstrated in Middle East states which are predominantly Islamic such as Iran and Pakistan. In these countries, Islamic doctrines influence major decisions when it comes to operations of these states. The culture of brotherhood is promoted by war definition, Islam hence leading to promotion of Islamic nationalism in these countries. The Islamic nationalism has dampened the walden civil disobedience war on terror as the terrorist cite this as a war on Islam. The terrorists use Islam concept such as ‘Jihadism’ to evoke retaliation and war on perceived enemies which are mostly western imperialists. Due to the Islamic nationalism, they easily garner support from other Islamic extremists. This is just an example of the price war definition negative effects of religious nationalism. It can have both negative and positive effects in states that ascribe to this concept. On the positive side, religious nationalism forges unity in a state where various internal influences like economic disparities would have led to conflict. Legislation in western states as well as matters to do with the law are largely influenced by Christian values although it suffices to say that secularism also plays a bigger role especially in proctor recent times.

Religious doctrines such as neighbour love, do not steal, among others are important in maintaining of peace and order in war definition these countries. Religious nationalism was much at play in that has no the wars of the Catholics verses the Protestant which took place in the 16 th and 17 th century. In recent times, the end of colonialism in Middle East led to the rise of religious sentiment which saw the Middle East perceive the war definition Christian colonialists as undermining Islam and to blame for social and economic problems affecting them. Which Of The Following Is Not A Goal Of Jit! Since the colonial days, the rise of religious extremism in the Middle East has been phenomenal with its followers killing in Allah’s name. Islamic religious extremism have hijacked religious nationalism and war definition, used it for negative purposes. Because of religious nationalism, Pakistan and India separated and are occasionally embroiled in conflict. Major difference between western countries and the Middle East is the role of communication effective working, that in former, the price war definition church is separated from the state while in walden civil the former, the church influences the operations of the state. While these has led to independence of the state and economic growth in the western countries, it has led to lacklustre economic development of the Islam states as various barriers are exercised such as denial of price, women from working or from other types of work and contributing to salem witch trials proctor, the development of the economy. Green Policies on Contemporary Ecological Thought. Ecological crisis is one of the major problems in the world with various types of pollution and price, depletion of the environment causes the death or extinction of ecologies.

In capitalist nations, the problem is even worse as the focus is fern, fixated on profit rather than the ecological conservation. For instance, a producer of a very profitable product may continue with operations and greatly benefit the price government which in civil turn belittles and turns a blind eye to toxins the producer is price war definition, releasing into water bodies hence posing a danger to explain of communication in developing team working, life forms that depend on these ecologies. Personally, I believe that in the long term such mistakes will costs us more and it therefore very important to emphasize on appropriate disposal or treatment of industrial wastes. There is a need for war definition massive campaigns on the importance of environment conservation so that people can become more sensitive to this subject. Once people are well sensitized, governments will be forced to listen and treat this as a priority. It is explain the role in developing, encouraging to note that the concept of ecological awareness is taking root in capitalist nations. There is rising emphasis on clean energy with things like solar housing as well as organic markets being embraced. Price War Definition! People are now forming living arrangements that foster eco friendliness. There seems to be an obsession by corporations in promoting and fern jean, observing conservation of the environment. The concept of corporate environmentalism has arisen and embraced by many corporate organizations. According to Wallis, a major connect that ecosocialist have not internalised in war definition the perception of nature as a commodity.

Ideas have been floated that the best way to conserve the salem john proctor environment is to preserve it untouched. This means that nature and the ecology system have been given a cash value where individuals have ownership rights to as they wish with the part they ‘own.’ This creates a scenario where the survival of species is at the mercy of those who have the war definition financial capability to carry out activities that are not eco friendly. The problem is even worse when the ecosystem is something so many people dependent on such as water. In this respect, Wallis outlines three requirements for a green economy and civil disobedience, they include an end to militarism and price war definition, imperialism, cultural convictions and witch trials john, transformations about what economic and social activities make up a good life, and lastly high tech solutions to toxic trash. The need to contain toxic industrial wastes should be the number one priority of a producer as well as the need to protect and conserve vital resources. The military should also not be left behind and should be encouraged to be more environment conscious and avoid the use of toxic substances such as the dioxin they used in Vietnam. It is worth acknowledging that while these ideas seem difficult to implement, patience and determination can make a difference in their achievement. A god example of a country that took determined steps in price war definition this direction is Cuba which in 1990’s suffered a short fall in supply of oil and chemical fertilizer but acted on this by massively importing bicycles for transportation and toomer, organic manure for war definition farming.

Its reforestation program is today held as an environmental model.