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Organs of nervous system

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Nov 23, 2017 Organs of nervous system,

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Russia’s Foreign Policy in a Historical Perspective. Sergei Lavrov is Minister of organs of nervous, Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Resume: The principle stated by the rocking horse George Orwell that all are equal but some are more equal than others seems to have been adopted at the international level. This is vividly borne out by the outcome of American interference in the Middle East countries and elsewhere. Russia will continue to espouse the principles of law and justice in international affairs. As international relations go through a period of turbulence, Russia, as many times before, has found itself at a crossroads of key trends that will determine the direction of global development in organs of nervous system, the future. There are different opinions, and doubts too, as to whether Russia assesses the international situation and its position in the world soberly enough. This is an echo of never-ending disputes between pro-Western liberals and the advocates of one’s own unique path. There are also people, both inside and outside the country, who believe that Russia is doomed to constantly fall behind and catch up, or adapt to the rules invented by others, and the rocking horse therefore cannot claim a rightful role in international affairs. Let me offer some thoughts on organs, these issues, recalling facts from history and drawing historical parallels.

It has long been noticed that a well thought-out policy cannot be detached from history. This reference to history is all the about Sex Offenders, more justified now that we have celebrated several major dates recently: last year was the 70th anniversary of the victory in World War II; the year before last was the centenary of the First World War; in 2012 we marked the organs of nervous system, 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino and the 400th anniversary of the liberation of Moscow from the Meanings Objects Bring Essays, Polish invaders. In fact, a closer look at system these landmark events clearly testifies to the special role Russia has played in European and world history. Historical facts do not bear out the widespread belief that Russia has always been on the margins of Europe as a political outsider. Use Of Symbolism In To Kill Lee Essay! Let me recall that the baptism of Rus in 988as a matter of fact, the 1025th anniversary of organs of nervous, this event was also celebrated not so long agogave a powerful boost to the development of state institutions, social relations and culture, and made Kievan Rus a full member of the European community. At that time, dynastic marriages were the best indicator of a country’s role in the system of international relations.

It is Effective a Mockingbird Lee Essay, a telling fact that three daughters of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise became the queens of Norway and Denmark, Hungary, and France; his sister married the king of Poland; and his daughter got married to the German emperor. Numerous studies show that Rus in those days had a high level of cultural and spiritual development, which was probably even higher than that in Western European states. Many respected Western thinkers acknowledge that Rus fit well into the overall European context. And yet, Russian people always had their own cultural matrix and spirituality and never blended entirely with the West. It would be appropriate to recall here the of nervous system, tragic, and horse largely pivotal, period of the Mongol invasion. Alexander Pushkin wrote: “The barbarians did not dare to leave an enslaved Rus behind their lines and returned to their Eastern steppes. Christian enlightenment was saved by a ravaged and dying Russia.” There is also an alternative view expressed by Lev Gumilyov, who wrote that the Mongol invasion had facilitated the emergence of a new Russian ethnos and that the Great Steppe had given extra momentum to organs of nervous our development.

One way or another, it is clear that that period was extremely important for asserting the independent role of the Russian state in Eurasia. We can recall the policy pursued by Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky who agreed to temporarily submit to the Golden Horde rulers, who were generally tolerant of other religions, in order to defend the right of the Russian people to have their own faith and Essay on All Children decide their own destiny despite the European West’s attempts to subjugate Russian lands and deprive them of their own identity. I am convinced that this wise and far-sighted policy is in our genes. Rus bent but did not break under the pressure of the Mongolian yoke and pulled through that time of hardships to emerge as a united state, which later was viewed both in the East and in system, the West as a successor to the Byzantine Empire that fell in 1453. A large country stretching practically along the entire eastern perimeter of Europe began to expand to Bring the Urals and of nervous Siberia. Already then it became a powerful balancer in pan-European political maneuvers, including the Thirty Years’ War which led to the creation of the Westphalian system of international relations in Europe based, above all, on respect for about Sex, state sovereignty. Its principles remain important up to date. And here we are getting to the dilemma the effects of organs of nervous, which were felt for vs robber baron, several centuries. On the one hand, Muscovy naturally played an ever growing role in European affairs; on the other hand, European countries were wary of the emerging giant in of nervous, the east and took steps to isolate it as much as possible and keep it away from the most important European processes. The seeming contradiction between the traditional social order and aspiration for of industry baron, modernization involving the organs system, use of the of Common Essay, most advanced experience dates back to those days. A rapidly developing state cannot but try to of nervous take a leap forward using modern technologies, which however does not mean renunciation of its own “cultural code.” We know many examples of Calling, modernization in organs, Oriental societies without having their traditions dismantled.

This is all the more true of Russia which essentially is one of the branches of European civilization. As a matter of fact, demand for modernization based on European achievements became quite evident in captain vs robber, Russian society under Tsar Alexis and organs of nervous system received a powerful boost during the reign of talented and energetic Peter the the rocking, Great. Relying on organs of nervous system, strong measures inside the the rocking man, country and decisive and successful foreign policy, the first Russian emperor managed to put Russia among leading European states in slightly over two decades. Since then Russia could no longer be ignored, and no serious European issue could be solved without it. It would be wrong to say that everyone was pleased about this. Organs System! Attempts were repeatedly made throughout the next centuries to push our country back into the pre-Peter the horse man, Great times, but to no avail. In the middle of the 18th century, Russia assumed a key role in a big European conflictthe Seven Years’ War. Russian troops made a triumphant entry into Berlin, the capital of reputedly invincible Prussian King Frederick II.

Prussia escaped an inevitable defeat only because Russian Empress Elizabeth suddenly died and organs system was succeeded by Effective Symbolism in To a Mockingbird by Harper Peter III who had a strong liking for Frederick the Great. This turn in the history of Germany is still referred to as the Miracle of the House of Brandenburg. Russia’s size, strength and influence increased significantly under Catherine the Great and reached a level where, as then Chancellor Alexander Bezborodko observed, “Not a single cannon in Europe could be fired without our consent.” Let me quote a renowned researcher of Russian history, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, the permanent secretary of the French Academy, who said that the Russian Empire was the greatest empire of all times in the totality of of nervous system, all parameters such as its size, ability to administer its territories and longevity. Symbolic Objects Bring To Literature! Just like philosopher Nikolai Berdyayev, she believes that Russia’s great historical mission is to be a link between the East and the West. Over at least the last two centuries all attempts to unite Europe without Russia and against it always led to big tragedies, the consequences of of nervous system, which were overcome with the decisive participation of our country. I mean specifically the Napoleonic wars, after which it was Russia that saved the system of international relations which was based on the balance of forces and Effective Symbolism a Mockingbird mutual respect for national interests, and which excluded total dominance of any one state on the European continent. We remember that Emperor Alexander I took an organs of nervous system, active part in drafting the decisions of the Congress of horse man, Vienna in 1815, which secured the development of the continent without serious armed conflicts for the following forty years.

As a matter of organs, fact, Alexander I’s ideas to some extent foreran the concept of subordination of national interests to common goals, primarily the maintenance of peace and Symbolism in To by Harper Lee Essay order in Europe. As the Russian emperor put it, “There can be no more English, French, Russian or Austrian policy. There can be only one policya common policy that must be accepted by organs both peoples and The Deeper Objects sovereigns for of nervous, common happiness.” The system created in Vienna was destroyed again by attempts to push Russia to the European sidelines, an idea that possessed Paris during Napoleon III’s reign. Baron! In a bid to throw together an anti-Russian alliance, the organs system, French monarch, like a hapless chess grandmaster, was ready to sacrifice all the other figures. What happened then? Russia lost the Crimean War of 1853-1856 but managed to overcome its consequences in a short while owing to the consistent and far-sighted policy pursued by Chancellor Alexander Gorchakov. As for Napoleon III, he ended his rule in German captivity, and the nightmare of French-German confrontation hanged over Western Europe for several decades. Let me recall one more episode from the Crimean War.

As is known, the Essay about Sex Offenders, Austrian emperor refused to help Russia which had come to his rescue several years earlier, in 1849, during the Hungarian revolt. Organs Of Nervous System! Then Austrian Foreign Minister Felix Schwarzenberg famously said: “Europe would be astonished by the extent of Austria’s ingratitude.” On the whole, imbalances in pan-European mechanisms set in motion a series of events that led to of industry vs robber the First World War. I must say that even in those days Russian diplomats put forth ideas that were far ahead of their time. Nowadays people rarely remember the Hague peace conferences convened in 1899 and 1907 at the initiative of Emperor Nicholas II. They were the first attempt to come to consensus on how to organs reverse the arms race and stop preparations for a devastating war. The First World War killed and inflicted millions of people and caused the collapse of four empires. It would be appropriate therefore to recall one more jubilee to be celebrated next year, that is, the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Man! There is an urgent need to work out a balanced and unbiased assessment of those events, especially now that many people, particularly in the West, would like to use this occasion for new information attacks on Russia and portray the 1917 Revolution as some barbaric coup that allegedly messed up the entire history of Europe; or still worse, to equate the Soviet regime to Nazism and hold it partly responsible for starting the Second World War.

Needless to say, the 1917 Revolution and organs of nervous the ensuing Civil War were the biggest tragedy for our people. But then, all the other revolutions were equally tragic. However this does not prevent our French colleagues from lauding their upheavals which brought not only the slogans of liberty, equality and fraternity, but also the guillotine and Essay Sex rivers of blood. There is no denying that the Russian Revolution was a major event that affected world history in many controversial ways. It was some sort of experiment to system realize socialist ideas, which were widely spread in Europe at and Reinforcing Rhetoric that time and of nervous system drew support from people a significant number of about Offenders, whom sought such form of social organization that would be based on collective and communal principles. Serious researchers have no doubt that reforms in the Soviet Union had a significant impact on the establishment of the so-called social welfare state in Western Europe after World War II. European governments introduced unprecedented social security measures inspired by the Soviet Union’s example and aimed at cutting the ground from under the feet of left-wing political forces. One can say that forty years after the organs, end of the Second World War were an exceptionally good time for the development of Western Europe which was spared the captain of industry vs robber baron, need to make its own crucial decisions and, being under the umbrella of U.S.-Soviet confrontation, enjoyed unique opportunities for peaceful development. This allowed Western European countries to succeed to organs of nervous system some extent in converging capitalist and socialist models, which Pitirim Sorokin and other respected thinkers of the The Deeper Objects to Literature Essays, 20th century proposed as a preferable form of socioeconomic progress.

But for the last couple of decades we have been witnessing the reverse process in Europe and the United States: the middle class is shrinking, social inequality is rising, and controls over big business are disappearing. No one can deny the role the Soviet Union played in advancing decolonization and asserting such principles in international relations as independent development of states and system their right to determine their own future. I will not dwell on issues concerning Europe’s slide into World War II. By Harper Lee Essay! Obviously, anti-Russian aspirations of the European elites and their attempts to of nervous system set Hitler’s military machine against the Soviet Union played a fatal role in this process. And as many times before, the situation created by this appalling catastrophe had to be corrected with the participation of our country which played a key role in determining parameters of the European and world order. In this context, the notion of “the clash of two totalitarianisms,” which is being actively implanted in the minds of European people, even in in To a Mockingbird Lee Essay, school, is groundless and immoral. For all the organs, faults of its system, the Soviet Union never had the about Sex Offenders, goal of destroying entire nations. Recalling Winston Churchill, he was a principled opponent of the Soviet Union his whole life and played a big role in reversing allied relations forged with the Soviet Union during the Second World War towards a new confrontation with our country. Nevertheless, he sincerely admitted that being gracious, i.e. living as one’s conscience demands, was the Russian way of doing things. If we take an unbiased look at small European states, which previously were part of the Warsaw Pact and now are members of organs of nervous, NATO and Use of in To Kill the EU, it will be obvious that they have not made any transition from subordination to organs of nervous system freedom, as Western ideologists like to man trumpet, but rather have changed their leader. Organs Of Nervous System! Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently pointed this out quite aptly.

Representatives of these countries also admit in private conversations that they cannot make any significant decision without the approval of Washington or Brussels. I believe that in the context of the Offenders, upcoming centenary of the Russian Revolution it is essential for us to realize the continuity of Russian history, which cannot be edited to delete some of its periods, and the importance of combining all the positive trends developed by our people with their historical experience as the basis for moving vigorously forward and asserting our rightful role as one of the leading centers of the modern world, and organs of nervous system as a source of Use of Lee Essay, values for development, security and stability. The post-war world order based on the confrontation between the two systems was far from ideal of course but it helped to preserve the foundations of global peace and avoid the worst, namely the temptation to resort to large-scale use of weapons of mass destruction that had happened to be in the hands of politicians, primarily nuclear weapons. The myth about the victory in the Cold War, so popular in the West after the organs of nervous system, collapse of the Soviet Union, is Symbolic Objects Bring to Literature Essays, groundless. In fact, it was the result of our people’s will for change coupled with unlucky circumstances. PLURAILTY OF MODELS INSTEAD OF BORING UNIFORMITY. It would not be an exaggeration to of nervous system say that those events triggered tectonic shifts in the global landscape and dramatic changes in world politics. Essay Calling! The end of the Cold War and organs of nervous the uncompromising ideological confrontation it engendered opened up unique opportunities for overhauling the European system on man, the basis of indivisible and system equal security and broad cooperation without dividing lines. There emerged a real chance to finally overcome the division of Europe and realize the dream about a common European home advocated by many European thinkers and politicians, including French President Charles de Gaulle. Our country had fully embraced this chance and put forth numerous proposals and initiatives.

It would be logical to lay a new foundation for European security by strengthening the military-political component of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In his recent interview with the German newspaper Bild , Vladimir Putin quoted German politician Egon Bahr who has similar views. Unfortunately, our Western partners chose a different path to follow by expanding NATO eastward and moving the geopolitical space under their control closer to Russia’s border. This is the root cause of the systemic problems that afflict Russia’s relations with the United States and on Calling All Children Europe. Interestingly, George Kennan, who is considered to be one of the authors of the organs of nervous, American policy of containment towards the Soviet Union, at the end of his life described NATO’s enlargement as a tragic mistake. The fundamental problem associated with this Western course is that it was chartered without due regard for the global context. But the modern globalizing world is characterized by unprecedented interdependence of countries, and today relations between Russia and the European Union cannot be built the same way they were built during the Cold War when they were at the center of world politics. One cannot but take into account ongoing dynamic processes in the Asia-Pacific region, in Aspects Stereotypes and Reinforcing Rhetoric Essay, the Middle and organs system Near East, Africa, and Latin America. The main sign of the current period is captain baron, rapid changes in all spheres of international life, which often take unexpected turns. For example, time has proved wrong the “end of history” concept, so popular in the 1990s, proposed by American sociologist and political scientist Francis Fukuyama. It suggested that rapid globalization would signify the ultimate victory of the liberal capitalist model, and that all other models would simply have to adjust as quickly as possible under the guidance of wise Western teachers.

In reality, however, the second round of globalization (the previous one took place before World War I) led to the dispersal of global economic power and, therefore, political influence and to the emergence of new centers of power, primarily in of nervous, the Asia-Pacific region. The most vivid example is the gigantic leap forward made by China. Its unprecedented economic growth over Effective Use of Symbolism Kill, the past three decades has made it the world’s second largest economy or even first in organs system, terms of purchasing power parity. This clearly illustrates the undeniable plurality of horse, development models and excludes the boring uniformity implied by organs of nervous the Western coordinate system. Consequently, there has been a relative decline in the influence of the The Deeper Meanings Bring Essays, so-called “historical West” which became used to seeing itself as the system, master of mankind’s fate for almost five hundred years. Competition for shaping up the the rocking, world order in of nervous system, the 21st century has increased.

The transition from the captain of industry vs robber, Cold War to a new international system turned out to be much longer and more painful than was expected 20-25 years ago. Against this background, one of the basic issues in international affairs is what form this generally natural competition between leading world powers will ultimately assume. We can see that the United States and its Western alliance are trying to retain dominant position at all costs or, using American terminology, ensure their “global leadership.” All kinds of coercive methods are used to this end from economic sanctions to organs system direct armed interventions; large-scale information warfare tactics are employed; unconstitutional regime change techniques involving “color revolutions” are perfected. But such “democratic” revolutions bring devastation to the target countries. Russia, which went through a period when it encouraged artificial transformations abroad, firmly believes in the preference of evolutionary change which should be made in such a form and at such a speed that would match the traditions of respective societies and their levels of development. Western propaganda routinely accuses Russia of “revisionism” and purported attempts to destroy the existing international system as if we bombed Yugoslavia in 1999 in violation of the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act; and as if Russia ignored international law by invading Iraq in 2003 and distorted UN Security Council resolutions by overthrowing Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya in 2011.

This list can be continued. All talk of Calling, “revisionism” does not stand up to scrutiny and is essentially based on the primitive logic that only Washington can call the tune in international affairs today. This logic suggests that the principle stated by George Orwell years ago that all are equal but some are more equal than others seems to organs have been adopted at the international level. However, international relations today are too complex a mechanism to be managed from of Common and Reinforcing Rhetoric Essay one center. This is vividly borne out by the outcome of American interference: there is essentially no longer state in Libya; Iraq is balancing on the verge of disintegration; and so on. POOLING EFFORTS FOR SUCCESS. Problems in organs system, the modern world can be solved effectively only through serious and fair cooperation between leading states and Rhetoric their associations in the interests of organs, common tasks.

Such cooperation should take into account the multivariate nature of the modern world, its cultural and of Common Stereotypes and Reinforcing civilizational diversity, and reflect the interests of key components of the international community. Experience shows that when these principles are applied in practice, it is system, possible to achieve concrete and Essay Calling tangible results. Suffice it to mention agreements that settle issues concerning the Iranian nuclear program, the elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons, the coordination of conditions for truce in Syria, and of nervous the development of key parameters of a global climate agreement. This highlights the horse, need to restore the culture of finding compromises and organs of nervous system rely on Essay about, diplomatic work which can be difficult and even exhausting but which essentially remains the organs of nervous system, only way to The Deeper Meanings Bring Essays ensure mutually acceptable and peaceful solutions to problems. These are the approaches we advocate, and they are shared by the majority of organs of nervous system, countries in the world, including our Chinese partners, other BRICS and SCO countries, our friends in the Eurasian Economic Union, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and the CIS. In other words, Russia is not fighting against Effective Use of Symbolism a Mockingbird Lee Essay, someone but for the resolution of all issues in an equal and mutually respectful manner as the system, only reliable basis for a long-term improvement of international relations.

We believe our priority task is to pool efforts not against far-fetched but real challenges, the main of which is the terrorist aggression. Of Common Stereotypes Rhetoric! Extremists from organs ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and The Deeper Meanings Symbolic Objects to Literature Essays the like for the first time could take large territories in Syria and Iraq under their control, they are trying to spread their influence to other countries and regions, and they are committing terrorist acts around the world. Underestimating this threat is system, nothing else but criminal short-sightedness. The president of Russia has called for a broad front to defeat terrorists militarily. Russia’s Aerospace Forces have made a serious contribution to these efforts. At the same time we have been working vigorously to initiate collective action towards a political settlement of conflicts in this crisis-torn region. But let me stress again, a long-term success can only be achieved if we move towards a partnership of Meanings Objects to Literature, civilizations based on respectful cooperation between different cultures and system religions. We believe that universal human solidarity must have a moral basis resting on traditional values which are essentially common for all of the world’s leading religions.

I would like to draw your attention to the joint statement made by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Pope Francis, in which they reiterated their support for the family as a natural center of life for individuals and society. Once again, we are not seeking confrontation with the United States, or the Aspects Stereotypes and Reinforcing, European Union, or NATO. On the contrary, Russia is open to the widest possible cooperation with its Western partners. Of Nervous System! We continue to believe that the best way to ensure the interests of peoples living in Europe is to form a common economic and humanitarian space stretching from the Atlantic to Essay about Offenders the Pacific so that the just created Eurasian Economic Union could become a connecting link between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. We are trying to do our best to of nervous overcome obstacles on this way, including the implementation of the Minsk accords to settle the Ukraine crisis provoked by the coup in Kiev in February 2014. Let me quote such an experienced person and politician as Henry Kissinger, who, speaking recently in Moscow, said: “Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any new global equilibrium, not primarily as a threat to the United States. Symbolic Objects Bring To Literature Essays! I am here to argue for the possibility of a dialogue that seeks to system merge our futures rather than elaborate our conflicts.

This requires respect by Aspects and Reinforcing Rhetoric Essay both sides of the of nervous, vital values and interest of the other.” Russia supports this approach, and will continue to espouse the principles of law and justice in international affairs. Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin, when pondering over the role of Russia in the world as a great power, stressed: “Greatpowerdness is not determined by the size of the territory or the number of inhabitants but by the ability of about Sex Offenders, people and their government to assume the burden of great international tasks and deal with these tasks creatively. A great power is the of nervous, one which, while asserting its existence and interest, introduces a creative and Effective in To a Mockingbird accommodating legal idea to the entire community of nations, the entire ‘concert’ of peoples and states.” It is of nervous system, hard to disagree with this.

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10 Resume Tips From A Legal Recruiter. Of Nervous? Ed. note : This is the latest installment in a series of posts on lateral partner moves from Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Abby Gordon is of industry a Director with Lateral Link’s New York office. Of Nervous System? Abby works with attorney candidates on law firm and in-house searches, primarily in captain vs robber, New York, Boston, and Europe. Prior to organs joining Lateral Link, Abby spent seven years as a corporate associate with Cleary Gottlieb, focusing on horse, capital markets transactions for Latin American clients in New York and for the last five years for of nervous, European clients in Paris. A native of Boston, Abby holds a J.D., cum laude, from Essay Offenders Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. in government and romance languages, magna cum laude, from Dartmouth College. Abby also worked with the International Rescue Committee as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain. Organs Of Nervous? She is a member of the New York Bar and is fluent in captain of industry vs robber, French and Spanish (and dabbles in Portuguese and Italian). As a legal recruiter, I review numerous resumes each week in an effort to of nervous system assist my candidates with the The Deeper Symbolic Objects Essays substance and presentation of their one-page life summaries.

Here are ten tips based on the most common problems I see and questions I am asked: 1. Assume no one will read your resume word-for-word. Picture your interviewer pulling your resume off the printer and reading only what he can in the time it takes to walk back to his office. You need to make the most important stuff jump off the page. Use bold. Use bullet points. Use headings.

Give some thought to the format that will convey the necessary information in the most logical way. 2. Be concise and of nervous system make every word count. This is the rocking related to Tip #1. Of Nervous? You want the horse most important stuff to jump off the page, but every word on your resume should serve the purpose of showing that you are the best candidate for the specific job. It’s just one page. 3. Tailor your resume to the specific job. Keep in of nervous, the forefront of your mind that you are applying for a legal job. Do not view “updating” your resume as merely adding to the same document you first created 20 years ago. Delete information that is no longer relevant #8212; remember, every last word should serve the purpose of getting you this job.

If you are applying to 10 general litigation openings, one version may be just fine. But if you are applying to some general litigation spots and some patent litigation spots, you may want to have two versions of your resume, with each tailored to the specific opening or category of opening. 4. Be sure you can talk intelligently about every last thing you include on of Common Stereotypes and Reinforcing, your resume. If you can no longer remember the main argument of organs system, your senior thesis from college, delete it from Use of Symbolism in To Kill by Harper your resume or refresh your memory before any interviews. System? You also must be prepared to Essay Calling All Children talk about the any legal matters you claim to have worked on, including about the underlying legal issues.

5. When describing your legal experience, give concrete examples . Instead of organs of nervous, merely asserting that you are a capital markets lawyer, note that you “Drafted the The Deeper Meanings Symbolic Objects Bring Essays underwriting agreement as lead associate representing the organs underwriters in the offering of about Offenders, $300 million in organs of nervous, floating rate notes by a large U.S. Use Of In To A Mockingbird Lee Essay? manufacturing company.” Even if you have a separate representative matters sheet, it may be helpful to include a few bullets points showing this experience in of nervous system, your actual resume as well. And remember from Tip #2, every word counts. Don’t use neutral words where a more positive word could convey more meaning. For example, which is more powerful, stating that you “worked on” a project or that you “successfully implemented” a project? 6. Be sure all information is up-to-date. If you are no longer on on Calling All Children, a committee, delete it from organs of nervous your resume or indicate the proper dates.

Change the verbs (“represent,” “draft,” “negotiate”) from the descriptions of your prior jobs to the past tense (“represented,” “drafted,” “negotiated”). No longer fluent in French? Be accurate in Meanings Objects Bring, the assessment of system, your language ability as of today, not as of mid-way through your junior year abroad. On All Children? 7. Additional Information: Space is a commodity, but you should still make room for two or three lines that show you are a human being and not just a robot. Include a few interests (but be sure they are real interests of yours and not aspirational hobbies). Organs System? Maybe you and one of the interviewers will find you have a hobby in common.

If nothing else, this “fluff” gives interviewers some material for a few softball questions to break the ice or end the interview on a lighter note. Aside from true interests/hobbies, include language abilities, bar admissions, and memberships/affiliations so long as you are an Use of Symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird, active and not just passive participant in these organizations. Remember the essential test: “Can you talk intelligently about it if asked?” If someone asks about your membership in an alumni network, will you state proudly that you assisted in organs system, raising $500,000 in alumni contributions for a scholarship fund or will you cower in your chair and The Deeper Bring confess that you are on the e-mail list for the committee but have yet to attend a meeting? 8. Education first or work experience first? This is a common question. Remember Tip #1 #8212; you want the most important stuff to jump off the page. So if you went to a top law school, you may want to list education first.

If your law school was not as highly ranked but you somehow landed a job at Wachtell, list work experience first. In the case of a tie, I’d go with work experience first. 9. The squint test : It seems a bit unsophisticated but it works. Organs? Tape your resume to a wall about 10 feet away or just hold it far out in front of you and squint. Does the Essay on All Children balance of black and white on organs system, the page make your eyes happy? Is there much too much dense text?

Or way too much white space? If you’ve ever strung lights on a Christmas tree, it’s the same principle. On Calling? Squint and organs of nervous then follow your instincts. Captain Of Industry Baron? 10. Proofread your resume carefully. Then proofread it again. Of Nervous? Then ask a friend to proofread it. And another friend. And your legal recruiter. Then proofread it again. Man? Nothing screams “Don’t hire me!” like a glaring typo or spelling mistake.

10?. Here’s a freebie. It’s not the most important tip unless… well if it is, you know who you are. You know that photo of organs system, you in the Bahamas in your bikini? Shirtless? You remember how you uploaded it to your Google profile? And now you list your Gmail address on your resume? Well guess what… When I am e-mailing you at your Gmail address, yes, I can see that photo of you in the right-hand sidebar on my screen. The Deeper Symbolic Objects Bring Essays? If I can see it, so can the recruiting coordinator and so can the partner at the firm where you’re interviewing.

Oh, and organs of nervous system one more thing: your Twitter feed will also now show up on the right-hand sidebar. I’m not asking you to stop using social media. The Deeper Meanings Symbolic Objects Bring Essays? But if you are indiscriminate about your tweets, think about setting up a separate e-mail address for the job search process. There is not just one right way of designing a resume. But there are wrong ways. Look at models but don’t just copy someone else’s.

This singular piece of organs, paper is your key to getting your foot in Effective Use of Symbolism Kill a Mockingbird by Harper, the door in the next step of your career… or not. Organs Of Nervous System? It’s worth spending a few extra hours getting it right. Lateral Link is one of the top-rated international legal recruiting firms. With over 14 offices world-wide, Lateral Link specializes in placing attorneys at the most prestigious law firms in the world. Managed by former practicing attorneys from top law schools, Lateral Link has a tradition of Essay Sex Offenders, hiring lawyers to execute the lateral leaps of practicing attorneys. Click ::here:: to find out more about organs system us. Aspects Of Common Rhetoric? Sign up for our newsletter.

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What Were You Thinking? Equifax GC Probed For Executive Stock Sales Before Public Learned Of Breach. Law firms blow a lot of rhetorical hot air affirming their commitment to achieving gender diversity in of nervous system, the workplace. Use Of? Yet, despite some isolated efforts to organs system hire and retain more female attorneys and promote more women into partnership, little tangible progress has been made to improve the position of women in the profession… Location: Any Stoel Rives LLP , United States. posted by Stoel Rives LLP Jr. Emerging Companies Corporate Associate. Location: San Francisco, California. posted by Kinney Recruiting LLC Legal and Compliance Associate. Location: New York, NY, United States. posted by The Deeper to Literature Essays, Autonomy Capital Develop software for tax and legal application. Work at home. Enjoy life. Location: Telecommute, MA. posted by system, Family Law Software Health Care Attorney 7 + years experience, No Book Necessary.

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Essay: Social media analytics – sentiment analysis. Abstract: The growing use of Internet and web-enabled devices has made it easier for system us to access any kind of information anytime and from anywhere. People are always curious to know the feedbacks of products and services they are interested on and are always happy to of industry get feedbacks from others. So opinion matters in our decision making. Organs? Sometimes reviews made by different people can help to take many difficult decisions. Nowadays there are a lot of resources for getting feedbacks from.

The use of online social media shows us how differently the on Calling information is produced, represented and consumed. As we know that the information in social media is transmitted via social interactions, we have to understand how the information influences the personal behavior. Web is a huge database from where user can access information and can interact with the different groups of people, business organization and can create the organs content. We can use the ratings and feedbacks of The Deeper Symbolic to Literature thousands of the users to extract their attitudes and sentiment towards any product or services and utilize those data and information for future market and business domain analysis. The use of the online social media for getting peoples opinion, appraisal, attitudes and system approval regarding the products and services makes it easier for Stereotypes and Reinforcing Essay decision making but adds the complexity regarding the information processing to extract the organs correct opinions. (Abstract) Index Terms’ Social media, Social media analysis, Sentiment analysis, Opinion, Web. (Key words)

Social Media allows people to Essay on All Children create, share and exchange information, ideas, pictures and organs system videos in Bring to Literature the network [1]. Organs System? Nowadays social media is a part of everyday life. People use it at Essay Sex, least once every day. Sentiment analysis extracts the subjective information from the text or sentences being studied. More specifically the sentiment analysis determines the attitudes of an individual regarding some topics. Organs Of Nervous System? The attitudes can be directed towards positivity, negativity or can be neutral. The advanced form of sentiment analysis determines the emotional states like happy, sad, and angry. The earlier development in the sentiment analysis is mainly focused on The Deeper Meanings Objects Bring to Literature towards the detection of system polarity of and Reinforcing Rhetoric Essay products review and the review of the movies.

It is a very important tool in the field of computation mining for of nervous system understanding the people’s idea, attitudes towards the issues, topics, events and Calling response towards product or services being observed. The different business organization is always looking to improve within itself and its services for the customers and wants to get some feedbacks from them so that it can improve in the future. Hence Social media analytics tools are used by system, many big companies like Bank of Canada, Whirlpool [1] etc. to interact with customers and getting feedback from them. The Sentiment Analysis procedure helps to detect the source, target and type of attitude and helps to distinguish the attitude of texts. Potential customer always wants to have some idea about the services or the products before buying them. The individuals or organizations are increasingly using opinions from the Essay on Calling All Children media sources like personal blogs, review sites and social networks for their decision-making. However, current web consists of millions of social media and each with the organs of nervous system diverse opinions. It is always challenging to accurately summarize the opinions and information from those media.

We human beings have different nature and opinion towards same products or services. Opinions differ from Essay All Children, individual-to-individual and from time to time on the same content. As a human nature, we take our opinions quite seriously since it is our own and close to our thoughts. So it is always a big challenge to have consistent opinions about organs a product or a service. There should be some mechanism that automates and summarizes all those human opinion to get unbiased and correct information. In this chapter, we will be dealing with basics of social media analytics to the opinion mining problem, as well as we will see various research and challenges in the field of The Deeper Symbolic Objects Bring Essays sentiment analysis, the key technical issues that need to be addressed.

We will then describe various semantic analysis techniques that have been studied in the research literature and their representation techniques. After that, we will discuss the methods to evaluate the organs system sentiment and the current and future issues of Essay All Children semantic analysis. II. OPINION DEFINATION. Opinions can be given on anything and organs of nervous system the given opinions can be summarized as having positive, negative or neutral attitudes towards the Meanings Symbolic to Literature Essays text or sentence under consideration. Opinion extraction and gather information from millions of of nervous web content and to summarize them to captain of industry get the system correct results is one of the big challenges of sentiment analysis technique. There is horse man still a need to have clear and better mechanism to mine these huge amounts of data to get the correct results. Opinion-mining systems analyze the parts of the text or sentence in the aspects of who are the author, what the opinion is and which part is mainly expressed [2].

Sentiment analysis determines the subjectivity, polarity and the polarity strength of the content in the text or in organs the sentence. The polarity defines positivity or negativity whereas the polarity strength defines how the opinion is motivated like weakly positive, mildly positive or strongly positive. The Deeper Symbolic Bring? Sentiment analysis approach can be categorized into keyword spotting, statistical analysis, lexical affinity and concept level methods [3]. Earlier sentiment analysis was mainly focused on product reviews and movies reviews but now it is organs system focused on plethora of application ranging from forum, social networks, blogs, product reviews and so on. Effective Symbolism Kill By Harper? The main objective of the sentiment analysis is to detect the subjective information and determine the mindset of the author towards the subject to be studied.

Figure 1: Conceptual Model of Sentiment Analysis. Sentiment analysis determines the attitudes on the basis of holder of the attitude, target of the attitude, and type of attitude from set of type like love, hate or simply from polarity like positive, negative or neutral. This can be done with the help of system some text or sometimes we might consider whole documents. III. WHY SENTIMENT ANALYSIS. Sentiment analysis is increasingly important because of emergence of social media. Sentiment analysis can be used in all sorts of task.

Some of them are in the field of Effective Use of in To Lee Essay public sentiment to know the customer confidence, to know what people think about the of nervous system new products, in the field of politics to know how people think about the candidate and Essay on All Children their issues. Some companies use sentiment analysis for market analysis prediction and movies industries use it to get the reviews of the organs of nervous movies to get the feedback to know whether the audience have positive, negative or neutral view. A. Object and vs robber baron Features. Object is used to denote the organs system target entity. An object can have a set of components and some set of attributes. The object with components and attributes is known as feature of the rocking horse that object.

For example ‘I like Samsung galaxy III mini. It has a great touch screen’, the first sentence expresses a positive opinion on Samsung phone and the second sentence expresses a positive opinion on its touch screen that describes the feature of galaxy III mini [4]. B. Opinion Holder. Opinion holder is the organs of nervous one who express the opinion about the entity being observed. The Rocking? Opinion holder can be author of the post or organization that holds the particular opinion about the product or services [4]. C. System? Opinion and Orientation. An opinion on a feature can be positive, negative or neutral view on that feature. In To Kill? Positive, negative and organs neutral views are called opinion orientations. The Rocking? The model, model of an opinionated text and system mining objectives are collectively called as the feature-based sentiment analysis model. Opinion can be of two types namely regular opinion and comparative opinion [4].

Regular opinion expresses opinion on man target entity. Lui mathematically represented an opinion as a quintuple (o, f, so, h, t), where ‘o’ is an object; ‘f’ is a feature of the organs object ‘o’; ‘so’ is the orientation or polarity of the opinion on feature ‘f’ of object ‘o’; ‘h’ is an opinion holder; ‘t’ is the time when the opinion is expressed [5]. The opinion orientation can be positive, negative or neutral. E.g. the keypad is really cool. The comparative opinion compares more than one entity to Essay Offenders determine the sentiment. It is expressed using comparative opinions between two or more objects. It is usually conveyed using the comparative or superlative form of an adjective or an organs, adverb, e.g., ‘Coffee is the rocking horse man better than Tea’. E.g. After movies I am feeling energetic.

IV. TASK PERFORMED IN SENTIMENT ANALYSIS. A. Subjectivity Classification. In this method the organs of nervous system given text or sentences is divided into two classes namely objective and subjective. The subjectivity of the words or phrase depends on the context. The Deeper Meanings Symbolic To Literature? Su [6] results are largely dependent on the definition of subjectivity used when annotating texts.

However, Pang [7] showed that removing objective sentences from a document before classifying its polarity helped improve performance. B. Sentiment Classification. It classifies the text as having positive opinion or having negative opinion. Sentiment classification can be a binary classification (positive or negative) [8], multi-class classification (extremely negative, negative, neutral, positive or extremely positive), regression or ranking [9]. Depending upon the application of the sentiment analysis, sub -tasks of opinion holder extraction and object feature extraction are optional. C. Opinion Header Classification. The sentiment Analysis approach involves task like opinion holder extraction, i.e. the discovery of opinion holders or sources [10]. Organs Of Nervous? Detection of opinion holder is to recognize direct or indirect sources of opinion. The opinion holder detection is very important in the cases where same opinion holder can express multiple opinions. In those cases opinion holders are identified by name and login credentials. D. Object/Features Extraction.

The main things while analyzing sentiment is to determine target entity. The opinion in blogs, social media and in review sites have specified intention towards topic hence to Aspects and Reinforcing Rhetoric Essay find out the target entity is necessary in such scenarios to extract the features. A reviewer can have different opinions about the features and components of the target entity so feature based analysis are important issues in sentiment analysis [11]. V. LEVELS OF SENTIMENT ANALYSIS. A. Document Level. The document whose sentiment has to be determined is considered as a basic unit for sentiment analysis purpose. This approach assumes that single opinion holder holds the opinion. System? The positive and negative reviews can be classified by The Deeper Symbolic Objects, using various available machines learning approach. They experimented with three classifiers (Naive Bayes, maximum entropy, and of nervous system support vector machines) and features like unigrams, bigrams, term frequency, term presence and position, and the rocking horse parts-of-speech.

They have concluded that SVM classifier works best and of nervous that unigram presence information was most effective [9]. Pang and Lee formulated Document level sentiment analysis as a regression problem [9]. Supervised learning was used to predict rating scores. B. Sentence Level. This method is based on identifying the vs robber baron subjective sentence from the mixture of sentences. The main problem with document level analysis is that it can extract information from objective sentence hence sentence level sentiment analysis is needed for subjective analysis.

The supervised learning method is used to identify the subjective sentence. It uses mostly adjectives as features. System? Researcher also uses some verbs, nouns and adverbs as features [7, 12]. The two methods of automatically annotating sentiment at the word level are: ‘ Dictionary-based approaches and. 1) Dictionary based. This approach is based on the list of words with prior polarity.

In this method, a list of word is created and is extended with synonyms and antonyms using online dictionary. The sentiment of the word is determined by how the Effective Kill a Mockingbird by Harper unseen words interacted with the previously defined words in the list. Organs Of Nervous? The positive and negative sentiments of the vs robber baron words and the orientation of words are calculated with the system help lexical relation. ‘The semantic orientation of a word was calculated by its relative distance from the two seed terms, good and bad. And Reinforcing Rhetoric? The values ranged from [-1, 1] with the absolute value indicating the strength of the orientation” [16]. The dictionary method is organs system not domain specific so it faces polarity classification problem. It is always difficult to distinguish the polarity as a negative or positive for certain word in certain situation [13]. Corpus based methods is horse man based on known polarity and relies on of nervous system syntactic and statistical techniques. The association relationship between an unknown word and a set of manually selected seeds (like excellent and poor) was used to classify it as positive or negative. The degree of association between the unknown word and the seed words was determined by horse, counting the number of results returned by web searches in the AltaVista Search Engine joining the words with the NEAR operator and calculating the point-wise mutual information between them [13]. D. Feature based. The document based and sentence level approaches don’t differentiate but only talks about positive and negative review but in some cases the organs of nervous system reviewer likes some features and dislikes some other.

Hence feature based analysis is required. The Rocking? It extracts the feature of the products. Yi et al. [12] restricted the candidate words further by extracting only base noun phrases, noun phrases preceded by a definite article, and of nervous system definite base noun phrase at the beginning of The Deeper Objects to Literature a sentence followed by a verb phrase. For each sentiment phrase detected, its target and final polarity is determined based on a sentiment pattern database. Organs Of Nervous System? Hu and Lui [7] use heuristic method to extract the most frequent noun or noun phrase using association mining. They assigned the nearest opinion word to a feature to determine the sentiment orientation.

Popescu and Etzioni [6] greatly improved the task of extracting features by differentiating a part of an object and a property of the object by using WorldNet’s hierarchy and morphological clues. Their algorithm tries to the rocking horse man eliminate those noun phrases that probably are not product features. VI. RECENT TRENDS. The recent trend shows that the automated method is the most widely used techniques for analyzing the organs of nervous opinions.

It is based on the phenomena like Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Automated Content Analysis, and Voting Advise Applications. The increase use of social media leads to the rocking horse man increase in the quantity of unstructured data. It is due to the adoption of of nervous system social media that are available for machine learning algorithm to be trained on. Because of the combination of the rocking horse man increase in the volume of data available and more complex concepts to analyze, in recent years there has been a decrease in interest on organs of nervous semantic-based application and increase in use of the rocking horse statistics and visualization. Just as any other scientific discipline, automated content analysis is also becoming a data-intensive science. ‘ Detection of Reliable content: Determination of fake spam and organs of nervous system reviews and methods to eliminate for effective sentiment analysis. ‘ Name Entity Recognition: What the opinion is Aspects of Common and Reinforcing Rhetoric all about. ‘ Limitation of Filtering: For filter bubble gives irrelevant opinion sets and it results false summarization of sentiment. ‘ Domain-independence: The Domain dependent nature of organs system sentiment words results good performance in one domain case and poor in other domain.

‘ The opinion orientation: The comparison of words and whether they are giving positive or negative feedback totally depends on their context. So it is not so easy to vs robber determine in which context the comparison is made. ‘ Language: The use of organs system both positive and negative or mixed view about the products or services in the same statement is somehow difficult to understand. VII. Stereotypes And Reinforcing Essay? CURRENT EXAMPLES OF SENTIMENT ANALYSIS.

Sentiment analysis can be used from online retail to blogging and also in different application in politics. Nowadays customer related business use sentiment analysis not just for product review but also for customer services and brand reputation management. Similarly sentiment analysis is useful in getting the feedback from citizen and organs of nervous the hot issues as well as spread campaign messages and policy announcements by on, political parties. VIII. METHODS OF DETERMINING SENTIMENT.

The growing use of the organs of nervous online media makes it difficult for the sentiment evaluation. A. Scaling System. Figure 2 Five star ratings. This method uses the rating system to Essay about Offenders determine the personal appreciation. As we can see in most of organs movies reviews sites as well as in online shopping sites, it uses rating system from one to four/five. B. Subjectivity/Objectivity Identification. This method is based on some type of documentation. The text or the sentence can have subjective or objective opinion. Differentiating subjective and objective opinion from the text or from the sentence is difficult task. Different text or sentences can give different meaning in different situation, context and as well as in different scenario.

Hence this is one of the difficult methods to implement [15]. C. Bales Interaction Process Analysis. This method identifies and records the nature of the each interaction. It is not used to measure the content of the interaction. Bales IPA is based on scoring interactions based on ‘units’ of interaction or communication. These scores are applied to a predetermined set of categories and an analysis made based on the scores of each category. These units are typically made up of one simple sentence expressing one idea. Complex sentences expressing more than one idea are scored based on the number of independent clauses they contain.

Fragments of sentences can be scored as communication, one ‘point’ each, but the problem with these is the interpretation of those sentences. These fragment sentences must be taken in horse man context in order to be categorized. In case of oral or physical studies, simple sounds like grunts or sighs can typically be categorized and even facial expressions if the organs system observer feels they convey enough meaning can be categorized [14]. IX. PROBLEM WITH SENTIMENT ANALYSIS. Sentiment analysis is a topic with personal and technical challenges. Opinions are expressed by multiple numbers of people and whenever there are a lot of people that is always a chance to have multiple opinions in the same subject. So interpreting the the rocking horse moods will be difficult not only for humans but also for computers. Organs Of Nervous System? Similarly we know that opinions differ from person to person and to about Offenders analyze the of nervous system particular text or sentence comes up with some technical challenges.

Consider a scenario, which states that coffee machine is on man the side of the reception. This statement may be positive negative or neutral depending on the situation and the people. To analyze those differences from organs system, person to person and time to time is Essay Sex always a great challenge. The different experiments shows that automated sentiment analysis is of nervous system a good tool for sentiment analysis but it cannot always be trusted and Symbolism in To a Mockingbird by Harper we cannot say that it always gives accurate analysis on the data. Automated Sentiment analysis is organs system not every time a perfect solution because it finds difficulty when it has to differentiate between positive, negative and neutral data [17].

X. CURRENT SITUATION AND FUTURE RESEARCH. The most of the man researches in the field of organs of nervous sentiment analysis are mainly focused on products reviews and movies reviews but we are still behind in developing a good model that understand human language and interpret it well. Further work can be done in expanding the techniques and The Deeper Symbolic Objects Essays algorithm to handle more general writing, analysis on short sentences like abbreviations to perform cross domain analysis. The sentiment analysis algorithm however can be utilized in spam detection, detection of the context, evaluation of the expression and to of nervous system detect human language. Use Of Symbolism Kill Lee Essay? Researches in improving the of nervous word identification, bipolar sentiment and developing full automatic tools can be done further.

The sentiment analysis algorithms use simple terms and expression but due to large number of opinion, different opinion orientation and the different context as a whole will be a big task for computers to get it done and extract the correct sentiment. Opinions are important to everyone because whenever we need to make any decision we want to Essay about Sex hear other people’s opinions. This is not only true for an individual but also true for organs system any organization. In the past, when anyone needed to make a decision, he/she typically used to ask for opinions from friends and families. When an organization wanted to find opinions of the general public about its products and Essay on Calling All Children services, it used to of nervous conduct surveys and Essay about Sex focus groups. But nowadays with the organs system explosive growth of the social media content on the Web, in the past few years, the world has taken a different shape. People can now post reviews of different products on different merchant sites and express their views on almost anything in discussion forums and blogs, and also in social network sites. Now if someone wants to buy a product, he/she is no longer limited to his/her friends and families’ reviews because there are several users’ reviews on the Web. For a company, it may no longer need to conduct any surveys or focus groups in order to gather consumers’ opinions about Essay on Calling All Children its products and those of its competitors’ because there are plenty of resources publicly available where it can collect that information. Organs Of Nervous System? However, finding opinion sites and monitoring them on the Web can still be a formidable task because there are a large number of diverse sites, and each site may have a huge volume of opinionated text. It is difficult for a human reader to find relevant sites, extract related sentences with opinions, read them, summarize them, and organize them into usable forms.

Sentiment analysis is a field with large area of application and provides researcher and academic organization lots of research challenges. With the rapid growth of internet and internet enabled applications sentiment analysis have become so popular among different communities so more innovative, automated and effective summarization techniques are required which should overcome the on Calling All Children current challenges faced Sentiment Analysis. [1] Social media analytics [online]: (last accessed on 15 November 2014). [2] [Online]: (last accessed on 15 November 2014). [3] Cambria Erik.

Schuller Bj??rn. Xia Yunqing. Havasi Catherine. New Avenues in Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis” [4] [Online]: liub/FBS/IEEE-Intell-Sentiment-Analysis.pdf (last accessed on 15 November 2014). [5] Liu B. Sentiment Analysis and of nervous Subjectivity. Aspects Of Common And Reinforcing Essay? Handbook of Natural Language Processing, Second edition, 2010. [6] Popescu A-M.

Etzioni O. Extracting product features and opinions from reviews, Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference and the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (HLT/EMNLP), 2005. [7] Aue A. Gamon M. Customizing sentiment classifiers to of nervous system new domains: A case study. Proceedings of Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP), 2005. [8] Pang B. Lee L. Meanings? Vaithyanathan S. Organs System? Sentiment classification using machine learning techniques. In Proceedings of the Use of Symbolism a Mockingbird by Harper Conference on Empirical Methods in of nervous Natural Language Processing, 2002, (EMNLP):79’86. [9] Pang B. Lee L. Seeing stars: Exploiting class relationships for Essay Offenders sentiment categorization with respect to organs of nervous system rating scales, Proceedings of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL),2005:115’124.

[10] Bethard S. Yu H. Thornton A. Hatzivassiloglou V. and Jurafsky D. Automatic extraction of opinion propositions and their holders. Proceedings of the AAAI Spring Symposium on Exploring Attitude and Affect in Text, 2004. [11] Hu M. Liu B. Mining opinion features in customer reviews. Essay Sex? In Proceedings of AAAI, 2004:755’760. [12] Esuli A. Sebastiani F. Organs Of Nervous System? Determining the semantic orientation of terms through gloss classification. In Proceedings of CIKM-05, the ACM SIGIR conference on information and knowledge management, Bremen, DE, 2005. [13] Turney P. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Semantic orientation applied to unsupervised classification of reviews.

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